Sacred War
CD (Gymnastic 1990)
Le Sacre du Printemps
Scavengers In the Matrix
CD (If It Moves 1994)
CD (Cold Spring 1996)
Septic II
CD (Dependent 2001)
7. Wave-Gotik Treffen
CD (Zoomshot 1998)
Sex, Drugs & EBM
CD (Tatra 1992)
Sex Sweat Blood
LP (Beggars Banquet 1982)
CD (Cold Spring 1993)
Shut Up Kitty
CD (Re-Constriction 1994)
Six Pack Vol. 1
EP (ConSequence 1994)
Skinner's Black Laboratories
CD (Sub Rosa 1995)
Sky Flowers & Horse Eggs
CD (Hypnagogia 1992)
Slaughter Ov Thee Innocent
S/M Operations
C (S/M Operations)
Something For Your Mind
CD (Zoth Ommog 1998)
Somewhere In the Skeleton
CD (Antler 1990)
Songs From the New International
LP (Recloose Organization)
Sophisticated Vol. 1
CD (Subtronic 1993)
Sophisticated Vol. 2
CD (Subtronic 1995)
Sound From Hands
CD (Minus Habens 1992)
Soundline Volume 1
CD (Side Line 1996)
Soundline Volume 2
CD (Side Line 1996)
Soundline Volume 3
CD (Side Line 1996)
Soundline Volume 4
CD (Side Line 1996)
Soundline Volume 5
CD (Side Line 1997)
Soundline Volume 6
CD (Side Line 1997)
Spark In The Dark
Spirit Sampler Vol. 2
CD (Spirit 1995)
Spirit Sampler Vol. 3
CD (Spirit 1997)
Spreading the Virus
CD (Sentrax 1992)
Stanzas On Sexual Hygiene
CD (Earthly Delights 1992)
Stars, Hide Your Fires
CD (Hyperium 1995)
Static Landscapes
CD (DSBP 2000)
Stereo Test Record
CD (Discreet/Indiscreet 1995)
Stinky Horse F*ckers
CD (Stinky Horse F*ck 1993)
Strange Love
CD (Nuclear Blast 1997)
Strictly For the Hardcore
CD (Nesak International 1994)
SubNation Volume One: Industry vs. Artistry
CD (SubNation 1995)
SubNation Volume Two: An American Darkwave
CD (SubNation 1997)
7" (SSS 1992)
EP (1986)
CD (Dynamica 1996)
Sudden Departure
LP (Recloose Organization)
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