Etant Donnes
Etant Donnes are two French brothers who make films and then set the films to music that they also record. the name comes from Marcel Duchamp's "Etant Donnes" which was kind of like a peep-show art exhibit. it was often a large constructed diorama with only a small peep-hole with which to view the insides. typically, all one could see was a naked woman. or a part of a naked woman. the brothers claim that they are the essence of this type of art in sound.

as for the way the music sounds... imagine the sounds of bees buzzing loudly in your ears, of water gurgling, or electronic sound pulsating, ringing and swirling... the sounds of feet walking on pebbles or in sand and men whispering in French and that's pretty close. somewhat spooky, but really amazing stuff.


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