If 6 Was 9: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
LP (Communion 1990)
If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul
LP (Some Bizzare 1985)
CD (Messerschmitt)
Impact! (Auto-Edit)
EP (Audio Instant)
In Amoris Mortisque
Induktion, Varianz Und Deren Folgen
Industrial Confusion
CD (Cleopatra 1997)
Industrial Mix Machine
CD (Cleopatra 1997)
Industrial Nation #13 CD Sampler
CD (Industrial Nation 1996)
The Industrial Records Story
LP (Illuminated 1984)
Industrial Revolution 3rd Edition
CD (Cleopatra 1996)
Industrial War
CD (Shanachie 1997)
Infiltrate and Corrupt!
CD (COP 1997)
In Goth Daze
CD (Cleopatra 1994)
CD (Nova-Tekk 1998)
InNOVAtion Zwei
CD (Nova-Tekk 1998)
Instants Ardents
CD (Les Variations Ludiques 1996)
Instants Inquiets
C (Les Variations Ludiques 1995)
Institute of Technology/Siren Song
7" (Breakfast 1994)
Intel-ligent Inside
CD (Off Beat 1997)
In the Butchers Backyard
CD (Cold Meat Industry 1993)
In the Shadow of Death
7" (Cold Meat Industry 1988)
Intimations Of Immortality Vol. 2
CD (Energeia 1995)
Invisible Domains
CD (Malignant 1995)
I Sometimes Wish I Was Famous
CD (Energy 1992)
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