Hamburg Strikes Back
CD (Hypnobeat 1992)
Hard Target
CD (Hard 1996)
Hazardous Moving Parts Exposed
CD (Out Of Line 1996)
Head Start To Purgatory
CD (Headhunter 1992)
Head Your Mind
CD (Dreamtime 1993)
Heavenly Voices
CD (Hyperium 1993)
Heavenly Voices III
CD (Hyperium 1995)
Heavenly Voices Part 4
CD (Hyperium 1996)
Heavenly Voices Part 5
CD (Hyperium 1998)
Heavenly Grooves
CD (Hypnobeat 1996)
Heavy Duty Breaks
LP (Illuminated 1984)
Heilige Tod (A Tribute To Death In June)
CD (Palace Of Worms 1995)
CD (Furnace 1995)
Helvetica Art Compilation
Here We Go
LP (Sterile 1985)
How to Use Machinery I
CDEP (Machinery)
How to Use Machinery II
CD (Machinery 1995)
How to Use Machinery III
CD (Machinery 1995)
Hurdy Gurdy Man
CD (Nettwerk 1992)
Hyena Ist Tot
CD (Anything But 1988)
Hymne An Die Poesie
CD (Weisser Herbst 1995)
Hyperium Promotional Sampler
CD (Hyperium 1992)
Hyperium New Classics Vol. 1
CD (Hyperium 1997)
CDEP (Minus Habens)
CD (Hypnobeat)
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