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    As a side project from Trust Obey , John Bergin's C17H19NO3 (aka chemical formula for morphine) is a dark ambient music project along the same lines as Lustmord and In Slaughter Natives. Carpe Noctem (Vol. 3, Issue 2) described C17H19NO3's Terra Damnata to be, "Like snapshots of a world brimming with sorrow, the tracks sketch the aural equivalent of an Edvard Munch painting." Reading John Bergin's graphic novel From Inside while listening to Terra Damnata deepens further the bleak pit of sadness and hopelessness. But even if you're not reading, this music is perfect for the foggy nights or ominous storm clouds. And if that darkness doesn't exist on the outside, you'll find it within you just by listening to it. [Sandra D]
  • Terra Damnata CD (Fifth Column 1996)
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