Ed's Record Collection

Finally updated on April 16, 1998.
Artist                   Title                         Fmt Label        Year

à;GRUMH...               A Hard Day's Knight           LP  Play It Again1989
à;GRUMH...               A Hard Knight's Day           CD  PIAS US      1989
à;GRUMH...               And Now For Something CompleteCD  Play It Again1990
à;GRUMH...               Black Vinyl Under Cover       LP  Play It Again1987
à;GRUMH...               Bloody Side                   EP  PIAS US      1988
à;GRUMH...               Mix Yourself + No Way Out     CD  Play It Again Sam
à;GRUMH...               Rebearth                      LP  Scarface
à;GRUMH...               Underground                   EP  Play It Again Sam
1000 Homo DJs            Supernaut                     CDS Wax Trax     1991
16 Volt                  Wisdom                        CD  Re-Constricti1993
2 Belgen                 In the Night                  12" Indisc       1988
23 Skidoo                Ethics                        7"  Pineapple Products
23 Skidoo                Just Like Everybody           LP  Bleeding Chin1987
23 Skidoo                The Assassins With Soul       12" Illuminated  1986
24 Gone                  The Spin                      CD  Onslot       1990
400 Blows                Declaration of Intent         12" Illuminated  1984
400 Blows                Groove Jumping                12" Illuminated  1984
400 Blows                Look                          CD  Line         1988
400 Blows                The Return of the Dog         12" Illuminated  1983
A Certain Ratio          Kether Hot Knives             12" Factory/Islan1982
A Certain Ratio          Life's a Scream               12" Factory
A Certain Ratio          To Each ...                   LP  Factory
A Chud Convention        Sorrow                        12" Circle/PIAS  1987
A Primary Industry       7 Hertz                       EP  Sweatbox     1985
A Primary Industry       Ultramarine                   LP  Sweatbox
A Split Second           A Split Second                EP  Antler
A Split Second           Ballistic Statues             CD  Antler       1988
A Split Second           From the Inside               CD  Antler/Wax Tr1988
A Split Second           Kiss of Fury                  CD  Antler       1990
A Split Second           Neurobeat                     CD  Line         1988
A Split Second           Rigor Mortis                  EP  Antler
A Split Second           Scandinavian Bellydance       12" Antler       1988
A Split Second           Smell of Buddha               EP  Antler       1987
A Split Second           Vengeance C.O.D.              CD  Hypnobeat    1993
A.C. Marias              One Of Our Girls (Has Gone MisCD  Mute/Restless1989
Aaak                     Big Fist                      CD  KK           1991
Abecedarians             AB-CD                         CD  Caroline     1988
Abecedarians             Eureka                        EP  Southwest Audio Productions
Acid Horse               No Name, No Slogan            12" Wax Trax     1989
Act                      Laughter, Tears and Rage      CD  ZTT          1988
Adamson, Barry           Delusion                      CD  Mute         1991
Adorable                 Against Perfection            CD  Creation     1993
Aghast                   Hexerei im Zweilicht der FinstCD  Cold Meat Ind1995
Ajax                     Mind the Gap                  12" Wax Trax     1989
Algebra Suicide          The Secret Like Crazy         CD  Cargo        1987
Alien Sex Fiend          Curse                         CD  Sinclair     1990
Allegory Chapel Ltd.     A Testament to Man's Oceanic CC   ACLMX        1989
Allegory Chapel Ltd.     Aural Demimonde               C   ACLMX        1988
Allegory Chapel Ltd.     Confirmation                  C   Sound of Pig 1989
Allegory Chapel Ltd.     Magickal Noise Liberation FronC   ACLMX        1990
Allegory Chapel Ltd.     When Angels Fall              CD  Charnel Music1994
Allerseelen              Cruor                         CD  Aorta        1994
Alquimia                 Coatlicue - Goddess of the EarCD  Musica Oniric1991
Altered States           Is Anyone Out There?          LP  Ediesta      1988
Altered States           Is Anyone Out There?          CD  Primary Recor1994
Altered States           Low Life                      12" Ediesta
AmGod                    Half Rotten And Decayed       CD  Celtic Circle1994
Anchorage                The Bleak Wooden Tower        CD  Hyperium     1996
Anchorage                Tranquilly the Maelstrom StartCD  Hyperium     1994
And Also the Trees       And Also the Trees            CD  Reflex       1984
And Also the Trees       Et Aussi les Arbres           LP  Lively Art   1987
And Also the Trees       From Horizon To Horizon       CD  Normal       1993
And Also the Trees       Green Is The Sea              CD  Normal       1992
And Also the Trees       Virus Meadow                  CD  Reflex       1986
Annabelle's Garden       Blutenrausch                  CD  Kenaz        1995
Annabelle's Garden       Wo Sind Nur Eure Gotter Hin?  CD  Kenaz        1993
Ant, Adam                Antics in the Forbidden Zone  CD  Epic         1990
Anti Group, The          Audiophile                    CD  Anterior     1994
Anti Group, The          Big Sex                       12" Sweatbox     1987
Anti Group, The          Digitaria                     CD  Sweatbox     1987
Anti Group, The          Digitaria                     LP  Sweatbox     1987
Anti Group, The          Ha/Zulu                       12" Sweatbox     1985
Anti Group, The          Iso-Erotic Calibrations       CD  Anterior     1994
Anti Group, The          Meontological Recordings: TestCD  Anterior/Sole1988
Anti Group, The          Meontological Research RecordiLP  Sweatbox     1987
Anti Group, The          ShT                           EP  Sweatbox     1986
Anti Group, The          The Delivery                  LP  Atonal       1985
Apes of God              Solitaire You Own the World   CD  Oracular Labo1991
Aphex Twin               Selected Ambient Works 85-92  CD  R&S          1993
Apoptygma Berzerk        7                             CD  Tatra
Apoptygma Berzerk        Non-Stop Violence             CDS Tatra        1995
Arcane Device/PGR        Fetish                        CD  Silent       1990
Arch, The                A Strange Point of You        LP  Anything But 1988
Arch, The                The Messier Album             CD  Antler/Subway1990
Archon Satani            In Shelter                    CD  DVLR         1994
Archon Satani            Mind of Flesh & Bones         CD  Staalplaat   1994
Archon Satani            Virgin Birth... (Born Again)  CD  Functional Organisation
Area                     Between Purple And Pink       CD  C'est La Mort1989
Area                     Fragments of the Morning      CD  C'est La Mort1990
Area                     The Perfect Dream             CD  C'est La Mort1988
Arkkon                   Arkkon                        CD  Tonus Kozmeti1995
Armageddon Dildos        Homicidal Dolls               CD  Sire         1993
Armageddon Dildos        Homicidal Maniac              12" Sire         1993
Arms of Someone New      Promise                       CD  C'est La Mort1989
Aroma di Amore           Zonder Omzien                 EP  Play It Again Sam
Art Barbeque, The        Feet Hacked Rails             LP  Dossier      1985
Artefakto                Des-Construccion              CD  Opcion Sonica1993
Asylum Party             Border Line                   LP  Lively Art   1989
Asylum Party             What Will You Learn           12" Lively Art   1989
Atomine Elektrine        Elemental Severance           CD  Cold Meat Ind1994
Attrition                3 Arms and a Dead Cert        CD  Hyperium     1995
Attrition                A Tricky Business             CD  Contempo     1991
Attrition                At the Fiftieth Gate          LP  Antler       1988
Attrition                At the Fiftieth Gate          CD  Projekt      1988
Attrition                Ephemera                      CD  Hyperium     1995
Attrition                In the Realm of the Hungry GhoLP  Third Mind   1986
Attrition                Shrinkwrap                    12" Third Mind   1985
Attrition                Smiling, at the Hypogonder CluLP  Third Mind   1985
Attrition                The Attrition of Reason       LP  Third Mind   1988
Attrition                The Voice of God              12" Third Mind   1985
Attrition                Thin Red Line                 CDS Contempo     1991
Attrition                Turn to Gold                  EP  Antler       1989
Attrition/Schamanen Circe                              EP  Union Recording
Aurora                   The Dimension Gate            CD  Talitha      1994
Aurora                   The Land of Harm and AppletreeCD  Cleopatra    1993
Autechre                 Tri Repetae                   CD  Wax Trax     1996
Autopsia                 Death is the Mother of Beauty CD  Staalplaat   1989
Autopsia                 The Silence of the Lamb       CD  Hypnobeat    1993
Autopsia                 White Christmas               CDEPHypnobeat    1994
Autopsia                 Wound                         CD  Hypnobeat    1991
Ave Maria Avida          Distance Balance Symmetry     CD  Hyperium     1993
Babel 17                 Celeano Fragments             CD  Lively Art   1990
Battery                  Distance                      CD  COP          1996
Battery                  Meat Market                   CDS COP          1992
Battery                  NV                            CD  COP          1995
Batz Without Flesh       A Million Bricks              LP  N.T.S.       1989
Batz Without Flesh       Batz Without Flesh            EP  N.T.S.       1988
Batz Without Flesh       No Memory                     LP  N.T.S.       1991
Bauhaus                  Bela Lugosi's Dead            CDS Small Wonder 1979
Bauhaus                  Burning From the Inside       CD  Beggars Banquet
Bauhaus                  In the Flat Field             CD  4AD          1980
Bauhaus                  The Sky's Gone Out            CD  Beggars Banquet
Beautiful Pea Green Boat Still Life                    CD  C'est La Mort1989
Beautiful People Ltd.    Beautiful People Ltd.         CD  Sub Rosa     1992
Bel Am, The              Fresh Deadly Roses            CD  Discordia    1994
Bel Canto                Birds of Passage              CD  Nettwerk     1990
Bel Canto                Magic Box                     CD  Lava/Atlantic1996
Bel Canto                Shimmering, Warm And Bright   CD  Dali/Chameleo1992
Bel Canto                White-Out Conditions          CD  Nettwerk     1989
Benestrophe              Sensory Deprivation           CD  Ras Dva      1994
BFG                      Fathoms                       LP  Attica       1988
BFG                      Paris                         12" Attica       1986
BFG                      The Higher                    EP  Attica       1987
Big Hat                  Inamorata                     CD  March        1992
Big Hat                  Selena At My Window           CD  March        1993
Bigod 20                 America                       12" TDI/ZYX      1989
Bigod 20                 Body & Energize               12" TDI          1988
Bigod 20                 On the Run                    CD  Sire         1992
Bigod 20                 The Bog                       CD  Sire         1990
Bile                     Teknowhore                    CD  Energy       1996
Birthday Party           Mutiny                        EP  Mute         1983
Biting Tongues           Love Out                      12" Cut Deep     1989
Biting Tongues/Tank of DaEvening State/Tank Hymn       12" Antler
Black Rose               Into The Glass House          CD  Hyperium     1995
Black Rose               The Room Inside               CD  Contempo     1992
Black State Choir        Jihad                         12" Antler       1988
Black Tape For a Blue GirA Chaos of Desire             CD  Projekt      1990
Black Tape For a Blue GirMesmerized By the Sirens      CD  Projekt      1991
Black Tape For a Blue GirThis Lush Garden Within       CD  Projekt      1993
Blackbird                Blackbird                     CD  Scotti Bros. 1992
Blackbird                Kill                          CDS Scotti Bros. 1992
Blackhouse               Holy War                      LP  RRR          1987
Blackhouse               Hope Like A Candle            CD  Dark Vinyl   1992
Blackhouse               Pro-Life                      CD  Minus Habens 1992
Blackhouse               The Father, the Son and the HoCD  Body/Antler  1990
Blade Fetish             Absinthe                      CD  Tess         1992
Bleach                   Killing Time                  CD  Dali/Chameleo1992
Bleak                    Vane                          CD  Projekt      1995
Bleeding Like Mine       In the Eyes Of Love Lost      CD  Palace of Wor1997
Bleeding Stone           Squirm                        C                1990
Blind Mr. Jones          Stereo Musicale               CD  Bizarre/Plane1994
Blood Feud               Genocide                      CD  Voodoo       1993
Blow                     Fleshmachine                  CD  Paragoric    1994
Blue Blue Blue           Reclusallucination            CD  C'est La Mort1989
Boom Operators           Hu-Man                        CD  I.B.U.       1992
Borghesia                Dreamers In Colour            CD  PIAS/Caroline1992
Borghesia                Message                       CD  Play It Again1990
Borghesia                Naked Uniformed Dead          EP  Play It Again1988
Borghesia                No Hope No Fear               EP  Play It Again1987
Borghesia                Resistance                    CD  Play It Again1989
Borghesia                Surveillance and Punishment   EP  Play It Again1989
Bourbonese Qualk         Bourbonese Qualk              LP  New Internati1987
Bourbonese Qualk         Searches For Naked Forms      CD  Sound Sound  1993
Bourbonese Qualk         The Spike                     LP  Dossier      1985
Bourbonese Qualk         Your Government is My Soul    CD  Fünfundvierzi1990
Bowery Electric          Bowery Electric               CD  Kranky       1995
Box, The                 Muscle In                     EP  Doublevision 1984
Boy Dirt Car             Winter                        LP  RRR          1987
Boytronic                You/Bryllyant                 12" Rush/JDC
Braindead Sound Machine  Walking After Midnight        CD  Wax Trax     1992
Breathless               Heartburst                    CD  Tenor Vossa  1994
Breathless               Over And Over/All That MattersCD  Tenor Vossa  1991
Breathless               The Glass Bead Game           LP  Tenor Vossa  1986
Brook, Michael           Cobalt Blue                   CD  4AD          1992
Burroughs, William       Uncommon Quotes               CD  Caravan of Dr1988
Bushido                  Voices                        12" Third Mind   1985
C Cat Trance             Khamu                         LP  Ink          1985
C Cat Trance             Shake the Mind                12" Ink          1986
C17H19NO3                Terra Damnata                 CD  Fifth Column 1996
Cabaret Voltaire         2x45                          LP  Rough Trade  1982
Cabaret Voltaire         3 Crépuscule Tracks           12" Bruits Essent1981
Cabaret Voltaire         Body and Soul                 CD  Crepuscule   1991
Cabaret Voltaire         Code                          LP  EMI-Manhattan1987
Cabaret Voltaire         Don't Argue                   12" Parlophone   1987
Cabaret Voltaire         Doublevision                  V   Doublevision
Cabaret Voltaire         Drinking Gasoline             CDEPVirgin       1985
Cabaret Voltaire         Extended Play                 7"  Rough Trade  1978
Cabaret Voltaire         Fools Game                    12" Crepuscule   1983
Cabaret Voltaire         Groovy, Laid Back and Nasty   CD  Parlophone   1990
Cabaret Voltaire         Here To Go                    12" Parlophone   1987
Cabaret Voltaire         Hypnotised                    CD  Parlophone   1989
Cabaret Voltaire         I Want You                    12" Some Bizzare/1985
Cabaret Voltaire         International Language        CD  Plastex      1993
Cabaret Voltaire         James Brown                   12" Some Bizzare/1984
Cabaret Voltaire         Johnny YesNo (soundtrack)     LP  Doublevision 1983
Cabaret Voltaire         Listen Up With...             CD  Restless/Mute1990
Cabaret Voltaire         Live at the YMCA              LP  Go Internatio1979
Cabaret Voltaire         Live in Sheffield             EP               1982
Cabaret Voltaire         Micro-Phonies                 LP  Some Bizzare/1984
Cabaret Voltaire         Micro-Phonies                 CD  Virgin       1984
Cabaret Voltaire         Mix-Up                        LP  Rough Trade
Cabaret Voltaire         Seconds Too Late              7"  Rough Trade  1980
Cabaret Voltaire         Sensoria                      12" Some Bizzare/1984
Cabaret Voltaire         Silent Command                7"  Rough Trade  1979
Cabaret Voltaire         The Conversation              CD  Instinct     1994
Cabaret Voltaire         The Covenant, the Sword and thCD  Virgin       1985
Cabaret Voltaire         The Crackdown                 LP  Some Bizzare/1983
Cabaret Voltaire         The Crackdown                 CD  Virgin       1983
Cabaret Voltaire         The Drain Train               EP  Doublevision/1986
Cabaret Voltaire         The Dream Ticket              12" Some Bizzare/1983
Cabaret Voltaire         The Golden Moments of...      CD  Rough Trade  1987
Cabaret Voltaire         Three Mantras                 LP  Rough Trade  1980
Cable Regime             Assimilate & Destroy          CD  PDCD         1992
Cable Regime             Kill Lies All                 CD  Sentrax      1993
Cable Regime             King of Beers                 12" Sentrax      1993
Cable Regime             Life In The House Of The EnemyCD  P.D.C.D.     1992
Camberwell Now           The Ghost Trade               EP  Ink          1986
Candiru                  Unloved And Weeded Out        CD  Relapse      1992
Cantsin, Monty           Born Again in Flames          EP  Maldoror     1987
Carbon 14                Humani Corporis               C   ACLMX        1989
Carter, Chris            Mondo Beat                    EP  Rough Trade  1985
Cassandra Complex        (In Search Of) Penny Century  EP  Play It Again1989
Cassandra Complex        30 Minutes of Death           CD  Play It Again1989
Cassandra Complex        Cyberpunx                     CD  PIAS US      1990
Cassandra Complex        Finland                       CD  Play it Again1990
Cassandra Complex        Give Me What I Need           CDS Play It Again1994
Cassandra Complex        Grenade                       CD  Play It Again1986
Cassandra Complex        Grenade                       LP  Rouska       1986
Cassandra Complex        Hello America                 CD  Play It Again1989
Cassandra Complex        Sex & Death                   CD  Play it Again1993
Casualty Park            The Replica's Chair           CD  CP           1992
Cat Rapes Dog            Fundamental                   12" KK           1990
Cat Rapes Dog            God, Guns, & Gasoline         CD  KK           1990
Cat Rapes Dog            Maximum Overdrive             CD  KK           1989
Caterwaul                Portent Hue                   CD  I.R.S.       1990
Cave, Nick               Let Love In                   CD  Mute         1996
Cazazza, Monte           To Mom on Mother's Day        7"  Industrial
Cello                    A L'Ombre Du Temps            CD  Symbiose     1995
Cello                    Alva                          CD  Symbiose     1993
Cephalic Index/Nomuzic   Rearward Ho!                  C   Harsh Reality1989
Chameleons               Script of the Bridge          LP  MCA          1983
Chameleons, The          Strange Times                 LP  Geffen       1986
Chameleons, The          Strange Times                 CD  Geffen       1986
Chameleons, The          What Does Anything Mean? BasicCD  Statik       1985
Chandeen                 Jutland                       CD  Hyperium     1995
Chandeen                 Light Within Time             CDEPHyperium     1995
Chandeen                 Strawberry Passion            CDS Hyperium     1994
Charlottes               Things Come Apart             CD  Cherry Red   1991
Chayell                  It's Never Too Hot            12" Antler       1987
Chem Lab                 10 Ton Pressure               CDEPFifth Column 1990
Chem Lab                 East Side Militia             CD  Fifth Column 1996
Chemical Brothers        Exit Planet Dust              CD  Astralwerks  1995
Chemical Plant           World Is Bankrupt             EP  D.O.R.       1992
Chris and Cosey          Allotropy                     CD  Staalplaat/St1990
Chris and Cosey          Collectiv Four                CD  CTI/PIAS     1990
Chris and Cosey          Collectiv One                 CD  CTI          1988
Chris and Cosey          Collectiv Three               CD  CTI/PIAS     1990
Chris and Cosey          Collectiv Two                 CD  CTI          1989
Chris and Cosey          Exotika/Take Five             CD  Nettwerk     1990
Chris and Cosey          Heartbeat                     LP  CTI/PIAS     1981
Chris and Cosey          Pagan Tango                   CD  Wax Trax     1991
Chris and Cosey          Rise                          12" Play It Again1989
Chris and Cosey          Songs of Love and Lust        LP  Rough Trade/C1984
Chris and Cosey          Technø-Primitiv               LP  Rough Trade  1985
Chris and Cosey          Trance                        LP  Rough Trade  1982
Chris and Cosey          Trust                         CD  Play it Again1989
Cindytalk                Camouflage Heart              CD  Midnight Musi1988
Cindytalk                In This World                 CD  Midnight Musi1988
Cindytalk                The Wind is Strong ...        CD  Midnight Musi1990
Cindytalk                Wauppinschaw                  CD  Touched      1994
Clail, Gary              Human Nature                  CD  Perfecto/RCA 1991
Clair Obscur             A Collection of Isolated TrackCD  Apocalyptic V1995
Clair Obscur             In Out                        LP  V.I.S.A.
Clair Obscur             Play                          LP  Cathexis     1988
Clair Obscur             Rock                          CD  Apocalyptic V1994
Clair Obscur             Smurf in the Gulag            12" Cathexis     1986
Clair Obscur             The Pilgrim's Progress        LP  All the Madme1986
Claire Voyant            Claire Voyant                 CD  Nocturne     1995
Clark, Anne              Terra Incognita               CD  Ink          1989
Click Click              Bent Massive                  CD  PIAS US      1989
Click Click              I Rage I Melt                 12" Play It Again1988
Click Click              Rorschach Testing             CD  Play It Again1988
Click Click              Shadowblack                   CD  Off Beat     1997
Click Click              Sweet Stuff                   12" Rorschach Tes1985
Click Click              Wet Skin and Curious Eye      LP  Rorschach Tes1987
Clock DVA                Advantage                     CD  Interfisch   1990
Clock DVA                Advantage                     LP  Interfisch   1989
Clock DVA                Buried Dreams                 CD  Interfisch   1990
Clock DVA                Hacker (Hacked)               CD  Anterior     1989
Clock DVA                Man-Amplified                 CD  Contempo     1992
Clock DVA                Passions Still Aflame         EP  Polydor      1982
Clock DVA                Resistance                    12" Polydor      1983
Clock DVA                The Act                       12" Anterior     1989
Clock DVA                The Hacker/The Act            CD  Wax Trax     1989
Clock DVA                Thirst                        LP  Doublevision 1981
Clock DVA                Transitional Voices           CD  Interfisch   1990
Clock DVA                Voice Recognition Test        CD  Contempo     1993
Clock DVA                White Souls in Black Suits    CD  Contempo     1990
Closedown                Nearfield                     CD  Silent       1994
Cocteau Twins            Aikea-Guinea                  EP  4AD          1985
Cocteau Twins            Garlands                      CD  4AD          1982
Cocteau Twins            Iceblink Luck                 CDS Capitol      1990
Cocteau Twins            Milk & Kisses                 CD  Capitol      1996
Cocteau Twins            Treasure                      CD  4AD          1984
Cocteau Twins            Victorialand                  CD  4AD          1986
Code Industry            Method of Assembly            CD  Antler       1990
CoEx                     Synaesthesia                  CD  World Serpent1995
Coil                     Black Light District          CD  World Serpent1996
Coil                     Coil vs. Elph                 CDEPWorld Serpent1995
Coil                     Gold is the Metal             CD  Normal/Thresh1990
Coil                     Hellraiser Themes             CD  Solar Lodge  1990
Coil                     Horse Rotorvator              CD  Threshold House
Coil                     Scatology                     CD  Threshold Hou1989
Coil                     Stolen And Contaminated Songs CD  World Serpent1992
Coil                     The Angelic Conversation      CD  World Serpent1994
Coil                     Unnatural History             CD  Threshold Hou1990
Coil                     Windowpane                    CD  Torso        1990
Coil                     Worship the Glitch            CD  Eskaton
Coil vs. ELpH            Coil vs. ELpH                 CD  World Serpent1994
Collection D'Arnell AndreAu Val Des Roses              CD  Lively Art   1990
Collection D'Arnell AndreLes Marronniers               CD  Lively Art   1992
Collection D'Arnell AndreUn Automne à Loroy            CD  Lively Art   1989
Collection D'Arnell AndreVillers-Aux-Vents             CD  New Rose     1994
Collide                  Beneath the Skin              CDS Re-Constricti1996
Collide                  Skin                          CD  Re-Constricti1996
Colourbox                Colourbox                     LP  4AD          1985
Common Language          Scar                          CD  Big Flaming E1990
Company of State         Drowning in Fire              LP  Antler       1987
Company of State         Metal Move                    12" Antler       1988
Compound                 Cinema Verité                 CD  Dossier      1990
Compound                 Compound                      LP  Dossier      1989
Connelly, Chris          July                          CD  Wax Trax     1992
Connelly, Chris          Phenobarb Bambalam            CD  Wax Trax     1992
Consolidated             The Myth of Rock              CD  Nettwerk     1990
Contagion                Contaminant PCB               CD  World Dominat1992
Contagion                Scratch                       CDS World Dominat1992
Controlled Bleeding      Bladder Bags And Interludes   CD  Vanilla      1992
Controlled Bleeding      Body Samples                  LP  Dossier      1985
Controlled Bleeding      Core                          LP  Subterranean
Controlled Bleeding      Curd                          LP  Dossier      1986
Controlled Bleeding      Golgotha                      CD  Soleilmoon   1991
Controlled Bleeding      Music from the Scourging GrounLP  Sub Rosa
Controlled Bleeding      Songs from the Drain          LP  Dossier      1987
Cranes                   Espero                        CD  Dedicated    1990
Cranes                   Everywhere                    CDS Dedicated    1993
Cranes                   Inescapable                   CDS Dedicated    1990
Cranes                   Loved                         CD  Dedicated/Ari1994
Cranes                   Self-Non-Self                 CD  Dedicated    1992
Cranes                   Shining Road                  CDS Dedicated    1994
Cranes                   Wings of Joy                  CD  Dedicated    1991
Cranioclast              Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk    CD  Musica Maxima1994
Crash Worship            What So Ever They Findeth ... EP  Alarma       1989
Crawling Chaos           Sex Machine                   7"  Factory      1980
Creed, Helios            Lactating Purple              CD  Amphetamine R1991
Crispy Ambulance         Sexus                         12" Factory Benel1984
Crispy Ambulance         The Plateau Phase             LP  Factory Benel1980
Crunch-O-Matic           Caution Do Not Play           CD  Smash        1991
Cubanate                 Antimatter                    CD  Dynamica     1993
Cubanate                 Barbarossa                    CD  Dynamica     1996
Cubanate                 Cyberia                       CD  Dynamica     1995
Cult, The                High Octane Cult              CD  Reprise      1996
Cupol                    Like This For Ages            12" 4AD          1980
Cure, The                Disintegration                CD  Elektra      1989
Cure, The                Faith                         CD  Elektra      1981
Cure, The                Faith/Carnage Visors          C   Fiction      1981
Cure, The                Fascination Street            CDS Elektra      1989
Cure, The                Happily Ever After            LP  A&M          1981
Cure, The                Head On the Door              LP  Elektra      1985
Cure, The                Love Song                     CD  Elektra      1989
Cure, The                Lullaby                       CDS Elektra      1989
Cure, The                Pornography                   LP  A&M          1982
Cure, The                Staring At the Sea: The SingleCD  Elektra      1986
Cure, The                The Walk                      EP  Sire         1983
Current 93               Christ and the Pale Queens    CD  Maldoror     1989
Current 93               Crooked Crosses For the NoddinCD  United Dairie1989
Current 93               Dogs Blood Rising             LP  Laylah       1984
Current 93               Earth Covers Earth            LP  United Dairie1989
Current 93               Ekki er Allt Gull, Sem Gloir .12"
Current 93               Lashtal                       12" LAYLAH       1983
Current 93               Red Face of God               12"
Current 93               Swastikas For Noddy           CD  Laylah
Curtain Society, The     Inertia                       CD  Bedazzled    1995
Curve                    Cuckoo                        CD  Charisma     1993
Curve                    Doppelgänger                  CD  Charisma     1992
Curve                    Horror Head                   CD  Charisma     1992
Curve                    Pink Girl With the Blues      CDS Fatlip       1996
Curve                    Pubic Fruit                   CD  Charisma     1992
Cyberaktif               Nothing Stays                 CD  Wax Trax     1990
Cyberaktif               Temper                        CD  Wax Trax     1990
Cycloon                  Plasma Fusion                 CD  Khazad-Dum   1997
Danceable Weird Shit     Here's the CD!                CD  WD/Antler    1990
Danse Macabre            The Spirit of Bulgaria        12" Subway       1988
Danse Society            Heaven Is Waiting             CD  Great Expecta1984
Data Bank A              One Way                       12" Lively Art   1989
Data Bank A              Salad Days                    CD  Lively Art   1989
Data Bank A              The Birth of Tragedy/ContinentCD  Lively Art   1988
Data Bank A              The Citadel                   LP  K.O. City Stu1984
Dead Can Dance           Dead Can Dance                CD  4AD          1984
Dead Can Dance           Into the Labyrinth            CD  4AD          1993
Dead Can Dance           Spiritchaser                  CD  4AD          1996
Dead Can Dance           Spleen and Ideal              CD  4AD          1985
Dead Can Dance           Spleen And Ideal              LP  4AD          1985
Dead Can Dance           The Serpent's Egg             CD  4AD          1988
Dead Can Dance           Within the Realm of a Dying SuCD  4AD          1987
Death in June            93 Dead Sunwheels             LP  NER
Death in June            Born Again                    12" NER
Death in June            Brown Book                    LP  NER
Death in June            Come Before Christ and Murder 12" NER
Death In June            Heaven Street                 12" NER
Death in June            Lesson 1: Misanthropy         LP  NER
Death in June            Nada!                         CD  NER
Death in June            Nada!                         LP  NER
Death in June            Oh How We Laughed             CD  Eyas
Death in June            Oh How We Laughed             LP  Eyas
Death in June            The Calling                   12" NER
Death in June            The Corn Years                CD  NER          1989
Death in June            The Guilty Have No Past       CD  NER          1989
Death in June            The Guilty Have No Pride      LP  NER
Death in June            The Wall of Sacrifice         CD  NER          1989
Death in June            The White Hands of Death      C   Catfood Press1985
Death in June            The World That Summer         LP  NER
Deathless                Anhedonia                     CD  Electrip     1992
Deathline International  Zarathoustra                  CD  COP
Delerium                 Euphoria (Firefly)            CDS Nettwerk     1997
Delerium                 Euphoric                      CD  Third Mind/Ro1991
Delerium                 Faces, Forms, and Illusions   CD  Dossier      1989
Delerium                 Faces, Forms, and Illusions   LP  Dossier      1988
Delerium                 Karma                         CD  Nettwerk     1997
Delerium                 Morpheus                      CD  Dossier      1989
Delerium                 Morpheus                      LP  Dossier      1989
Delerium                 Reflections Vol. 1            CD  Dossier      1995
Delerium                 Reflections Vol. 2            CD  Dossier      1995
Delerium                 Semantic Spaces               CD  Nettwerk     1994
Delerium                 Spheres                       CD  Dossier      1994
Delerium                 Spheres II                    CD  Dossier      1994
Delerium                 Spiritual Archives            CD  Dossier      1991
Delerium                 Stone Tower                   CD  Dossier      1991
Delerium                 Syrophenikan                  CD  Dossier      1990
Delerium                 Syrophenikan                  LP  Dossier      1990
Depeche Mode             Black Celebration             CD  Mute/Sire    1986
Depeche Mode             Music For The Masses          CD  Mute         1987
Depeche Mode             Some Great Reward             CD  Mute         1984
Depeche Mode             Violator                      CD  Sire         1990
Desaccord Majeur         Thetys                        CD  Play Loud    1994
Dessau                   Dessau                        CD  Mausoleum    1995
Deus Ex Machina          Deus Ex Machina               CD  Opcion Sonica1993
Deus Ex Machina          West                          12" Triple 2
Deutsch Nepal            Benevolence                   CD  Cold Meat Ind1993
Deutsch Nepal            Deflagration of Hell          CD  Staalplaat   1993
Deutsch Nepal            Tolerance                     CD  Staalplaat   1994
Devoid                   Songs of Mass Destruction     CD  Energy       1994
Diatribe                 Diatribe                      CD  Re-Constricti1996
Diatribe                 Needle                        C   Grunge       1990
Diatribe                 Nothing                       CD  Cargo        1992
Diatribe                 Therapy                       CD  COP          1991
Die Bunker               Dreams Are Not Free           LP  V.I.S.A.     1988
Die Form                 Confessions                   CD  Danceteria   1992
Die Form                 Die Puppe                     CD  Normal       1989
Die Form                 Duality                       CD  Trinity      1997
Die Form                 Tears of Eros                 CDEPHyperium     1993
Die Form                 Vicious Circles               CD  Cleopatra    1996
Die Krupps               A Tribute to Metallica        CD  Hollywood    1993
Die Warzau               Disco Rigido                  CD  Polygram     1989
Dif Juz                  Extractions                   CD  4AD          1985
Difference Engine        Breadmaker                    CD  La-Di-Da     1994
Dissidenten              Fata Morgana                  12" Shanachie    1988
Dive                     First Album                   CD  Minus Habens 1992
Dive                     Reported                      CD  Fifth Column 1996
Doll Parts               Carnival At Sea               LP  Subelektrick 1988
Dome                     1 2                           CD  Grey Area    1992
Dome                     3 4                           CD  Grey Area    1992
Dominion                 Lost                          CD  KK           1990
Dominion                 Manhunt                       CD  KK           1990
Doubting Thomas          The Infidel                   CD  Wax Trax     1991
Dr. Calculus             Designer Beatnik              LP  10/Virgin    1986
Dronning Maud Land       Maelstrom                     CD  Glasnost     1994
Drowning Pool            Aphonia                       CD  Nate Starkman1989
Drowning Pool            Nierika                       EP  Viva         1988
Drowning Pool            Satori                        LP  Nate Starkman1987
DRP                      Electro Brain 586             CD  Body/Antler  1990
Drug Free America        Trip                          CD  Cybersound
Each Dawn I Die          Notes From a Holy War         CD  Dark Vinyl   1995
Eat                      Plastic Bag                   EP  Fiction/Polyg1989
Eat                      Sell Me a God                 CD  Polygram     1989
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa Free-D (Original Soundtrack)  CD  Free         1994
Eden                     Earthbound                    CD  Viridian/Proj1994
Eden                     Fire & Rain                   CD  Projekt      1995
Eden                     Gateway to the Mysteries      CD  Third Mind   1991
Eden                     Healingbow                    CD  Projekt      1993
Eden                     Stone Cat                     CDEPHeartland    1996
Einstürzende Neubauten   Feurio!                       CDS Rough Trade  1990
Einstürzende Neubauten   Yu-Gung                       CDS Mute         1984
Einsturzende Neubauten   Strategies Against ArchitecturCD  Mute/Elektra 1991
Electric Hellfire Club   Burn, Baby, Burn!             CD  Cleopatra    1993
Elijah's Mantle          Angels of Perversity          CD  World Serpent1993
Emergency Broadcast NetwoTelecommunication Breakdown   CD  TVT          1995
Empirical Sleeping ConsorI've Got Tears In My Ears ... CD  Dragnet
Empirical Sleeping ConsorThe Layers of Awakening       CD  Kronotop     1994
End of Orgy              Caramel Amer                  CD  Weisser Herbs1997
End of Orgy              Still Life                    CD  Weisser Herbs1995
Endraum                  Zeitenlicht                   CD  Danse Macabre1993
Ethyl Meatplow           Happy Days, Sweetheart        CD  Dali         1993
Evils Toy                XTC Implant                   CD  Metropolis   1996
Excessive Force          Conquer Your World            CD  Devotion/Wax 1992
Exterior Mirror          Hupp                          CD  Katyn        1995
Faction, The             Bag                           LP  Third Mind   1989
Faction, The             Dream on You                  12" Third Mind   1990
Faction, The             Go!                           12" Third Mind   1989
Fad Gadget               Under the Flag                LP  Mute         1982
Fading Colours           Black Horse                   CD  Dion Fortune
Faith And the Muse       Annwyn, Beneath The Waves     CD  Tess         1996
Faith And the Muse       Elyria                        CD  Tess         1994
Fatal Morgana            Attention                     12" Antler       1990
Fats Comet               Bop Bop                       12" Magic
Fear Factory             Soul of a New Machine         CD  Roadrunner   1992
Fektion Fekler           From Here To Heaven           CD  Pendragon    1996
Fiction 8                Dissonance Indifference       CD  Discordia    1995
Fields of the Nephilim   Earth Inferno                 CD  Beggars Banqu1991
Fields of the Nephilim   For Her Light                 CD  Beggars Banqu1990
Fields of the Nephilim   Laura                         CD  Contempo     1991
Fields of the Nephilim   The Nephilim                  CD  RCA          1988
Final                    One                           CD  Sentrax      1993
Final Cut                Consumed                      CD  Nettwerk     1992
Final Cut                Deep Into the Cut             EP  Big Sex      1990
Final Cut                I Told You Not To Stop        12" Full Effect  1990
Final Cut                Testament                     CD  Nettwerk     1992
Fini Tribe               Grossing 10K                  CD  One Little In1989
Fini Tribe               I Want More                   12" Wax Trax
Fini Tribe               Noise, Lust and Fun           CD  Fini Flex    1989
Fire & Ice               Blood On the Snow             CDS Asafoetida   1993
Flesh Volcano            Slut                          12" Some Bizzare 1987
Foetus                   Gash                          CD  Columbia     1995
Foetus                   Sink                          CD  Wax Trax     1990
Foetus                   You've Got Foetus On Your Brea12" Some Bizzare 1984
Foetus Über Frisco       Finely Honed Machine          12" Some Bizzare 1984
Foetus All-Nude Revue, ThBedrock                       EP  Some Bizzare/1987
Foetus Art Terrorism     Calamity Crush                12" Some Bizzare 1984
Foetus Corruptus         Rife                          CD  Rifle        1989
For Against              December                      CD  Independent P1988
Force Dimension          12 Inch Singles               CD  KK           1992
Force Dimension          Deus ex Machina               CD  KK           1990
Force Dimension          Tension                       CDS KK           1989
Force Dimension          The Force Dimension           CD  KK           1989
Ford Proco               Fragmentos de Ocio En El HocicCD  Opcion Sonica1994
Forma Tadre              Navigator                     CD  Off Beat     1996
Fortification 55         Anthropology                  CD  Glasnost     1993
Friends of Carlotta      Fingerföc                     CD  ZYX          1990
Front 242                06:21:03:11 Up Evil           CD  Epic         1993
Front 242                Back Catalogue                CD  Wax Trax
Front 242                Front By Front                CD  Epic         1992
Front 242                Geography                     LP  Wax Trax     1982
Front 242                Interception                  CDS Wax Trax     1988
Front 242                No Comment                    CDEPWax Trax     1988
Front 242                Official Version              LP  Wax Trax     1987
Front 242                Rhythm of Time                CD  Epic         1991
Front 242                Two In One                    CD  New Dance/PIA1989
Front 242                Tyrrany For You               CD  Epic         1991
Front Line Assembly      Caustic Grip                  CD  Third Mind   1990
Front Line Assembly      Circuitry                     CDS Off Beat     1995
Front Line Assembly      Colombian Necktie             CDEPMetropolis   1997
Front Line Assembly      Convergence                   CD  Wax Trax     1988
Front Line Assembly      Corrosion                     LP  Wax Trax     1987
Front Line Assembly      Flavour of the Weak           CD  Metropolis   1997
Front Line Assembly      Gashed Senses and Crossfire   LP  Third Mind   1989
Front Line Assembly      Hard Wired                    CD  Off Beat     1995
Front Line Assembly      Iceolate                      CD  Third Mind   1990
Front Line Assembly      Live                          LP  Third Mind   1989
Front Line Assembly      Millennium                    CD  Roadrunner   1994
Front Line Assembly      Millennium                    CDS Roadrunner   1994
Front Line Assembly      No Limit                      12" Wax Trax     1989
Front Line Assembly      Provision                     12" Third Mind   1990
Front Line Assembly      Reclamation                   CD  Roadrunner   1997
Front Line Assembly      State of Mind                 CD  Dossier      1988
Front Line Assembly      State of Mind                 LP  Dossier      1987
Front Line Assembly      Surface Patterns              CDS Roadrunner   1995
Front Line Assembly      Tactical Neural Implant       CD  Third Mind   1992
Front Line Assembly      The Initial Command           CD  KK           1986
Front Line Assembly      The Initial Command           LP  KK
Front Line Assembly      Total Terror                  CD  Dossier      1993
Front Line Assembly      Total Terror II               CD  Dossier      1993
Front Line Assembly      Virus                         12" Wax Trax     1991
Frozen Autumn            Pale Awakening                CD  Weisser Herbs1995
Fuel                     Songs in the Key of E         CD  Nightshift   1991
Fuel                     Timeless                      CD  Diffusion    1994
Fuel                     The Back of This Beyond       LP  Nightshift   1987
G.G.F.H.                 Eclipse                       CD  Dreamtime    1991
Ganzheit                 Brains to the Wall            12" Ediesta      1986
Ganzheit                 Hammer                        12" Ediesta      1987
Garden of Delight        Exodus                        CDEPDion Fortune 1996
Garden of Delight        Scheoul                       CDEPDion Fortune 1996
Gira, Michael            Drainland                     CD  Alternative T1995
Glee Club, The           Mine                          CD  4AD          1994
GLOD                     Glod                          CD  DoGday       1992
GLOD                     Gnosis                        CD  Musica Maxima1994
Godflesh                 Cold World                    CD  Earache      1991
Godflesh                 Crush My Soul                 CDS Earache      1995
Godflesh                 Godflesh                      CD  Earache      1990
Godflesh                 Lov and Hate In Dub           CD  Earache      1997
Godflesh                 Merciless                     CDS Earache      1994
Godflesh                 Pure                          CD  Earache/Relat1992
Godflesh                 Selfless                      CD  Earache      1994
Godflesh                 Slavestate                    CD  Earache/Relat1991
Godflesh                 Streetcleaner                 CD  Earache/Comba1989
Greater Than One         Dance of the Cowards          LP  Kunst = Kapital
Greater Than One         Everybody's Crazy             12" K=K
Greater Than One         G-Force                       CD  Wax Trax     1989
Greater Than One         I Don't Need God              12" Wax Trax     1989
Greater Than One         Index                         CD  Wax Trax     1991
Greater Than One         Trust                         LP  We Never Slee1990
Gridlock                 Sickness                      CDEP
Grotus                   Brown                         CD  Spirit       1991
Grotus                   Brown Club Product            12" Spirit       1993
Grotus                   Handjob                       CDS London       1995
Grotus                   Luddite                       CD  Spirit       1992
Grotus                   Mass                          CD  London       1996
Grotus                   Slow Motion Apocalypse        CD  Alternative T1993
Höh/Current 93           Crowleymass                   12" Maldoror     1987
Hafler Trio, The         Fuck                          CD  Touch/Soleilm1992
Hair & Skin Trading Co.  Jo In Nine G Hell             CD  Beggars Banqu1993
Hair & Skin Trading Co.  Over Valence                  CD  Beggars Banqu1993
Hair & Skin Trading Co.  Psychedelische Musique        CD  Freek        1995
Handful of Snowdrops     Land of the Damned            CD  C'est La Mort1990
Hard Corps               Lucky Charm                   12" Rhythm King/M1987
Harris & Bates           Murder Ballads (Drift)        CD  Musica Maxima1994
Harrow, David            No Easy Targets               12" Ink          1984
Hate Dept.               Mainline                      CDEPNeurotic     1995
Haujobb                  Frames                        CD  Off Beat     1995
Haujobb                  Freeze Frame Reality          CD  Pendragon    1995
Haujobb                  Homes And Gardens             CD  Off Beat     1993
Haujobb                  Solutions for a Small Planet  CD  Off Beat     1996
He Said                  Hail                          CD  Mute/Restless1986
He Said                  Take Care                     CD  Mute/Enigma  1989
Head of David            Seed State                    CD  Mute/Elektra 1991
Heart Throbs             Cleopatra Grip                CD  Elektra      1990
Heaven 17                Sunset Now                    EP  Virgin       1984
Heavenly Bodies          Celestial                     CD  C'est La Mort1988
Here We Burn             Fall                          CD               1995
Hex                      Hex                           CD  Rykodisc     1989
Hex                      Vast Halos                    CD  Rykodisc     1990
Hilt                     Call the Ambulance            CD  Nettwerk     1990
Hilt                     Get Stuck                     CD  Nettwerk     1990
Hilt                     Orange Pony                   CD  Nettwerk     1991
Hilt                     Stoneman                      CD  Nettwerk     1990
Hole                     Dyskinesia                    12" Eyas         1989
Hole                     Other Tongues Other Flesh     EP  Eyas         1988
Hooverphonic             A New Stereophonic Sound SpectCD  Epic         1996
Hope & Kirk              Hoodoo Talk                   CD  Wax Trax     1988
Hope & Kirk              Leather Hands                 12" Doublevision 1985
Hope & Kirk              Surgeons/N.O.                 EP  Native       1988
Hope & Podmore           Dry Hip Rotation              LP  Native       1986
Horizon 222              Through the Round Window      CD  DOVEntertainm1992
Horn, Ernst              The Skies Over Baghdad        CD  Gymnastic    1991
Hula                     Black Pop Workout             12" Red Rhino    1982
Hula                     Murmur                        LP  Red Rhino    1985
Hula                     Poison                        12" Red Rhino    1986
Hunting Lodge            8-Ball                        LP  S/M Operation1987
Hunting Lodge            Nomad Souls                   LP  S/M Operation1984
Hunting Lodge            The Harvest                   C   S/M Operation1985
Hunting Lodge            This Is Truth                 12" Normal       1987
Hunting Lodge            Will                          CD  Dark Vinyl   1992
Hybryds                  The Rhythm of the Ritual      CD  Charnel Music1995
Hybryds                  The Ritual Should Be Kept AlivCD  Dark Vinyl
I Start Counting         My Translucent Hands          CD  Mute         1986
Iao Core                 Strange Attractors            C   Iao Core     1990
Ikon                     A Moment In Time              CD  Apollyon     1995
Ikon                     Flowers For the Gathering     CD  Metropolis   1997
Ikon                     In A Lonely Place             CDEP             1995
Ildfrost                 Autumn Departure              CD  Cold Meat Ind1994
Illusion of Safety       Inside Agitator               CD  Complacency  1992
In Blind Embrace         Songs From the Shadows        CD  Death Factory1996
In My Rosary             Those Silent Years            CD  Discordia    1993
In Slaugher Natives      Purgate My Stain              CD  Staalplaat   1995
In Slaughter Natives     Enter Now the World           CD  Soleilmoon   1992
In Slaughter Natives     In Slaughter Natives          CD  Staaltape/Sol1991
In Slaughter Natives     Sacrosancts Bleed             CD  Cold Meat Ind1992
In Sotto Voce            In Sotto Voce                 CD  Antler       1988
In Sotto Voce            Tracks                        CD  Antler       1989
In the Nursery           An Ambush of Ghosts (soundtracCD  Third Mind   1993
In The Nursery           Deco                          CD  ITN Corp.    1996
In the Nursery           L'Esprit                      CD  Third Mind   1990
In the Nursery           Prelude                       CD  Normal
In The Nursery           Scatter                       CD  ITN Corp.    1995
In the Nursery           Sesudient                     CD  Third Mind   1990
In the Nursery           Stormhorse                    CD  Sweatbox     1986
In the Nursery           Stormhorse                    LP  Sweatbox     1987
In the Nursery           The Cabinet Of Doctor CaligariCD  ITN Corporati1996
In the Nursery           Trinity                       12" Sweatbox
In the Nursery           Twins                         CD  Sweatbox     1986
In the Nursery           When Cherished Dreams Come TruEP  Paragon      1983
Inanna                   Day Ov Torment                CD  Staalplaat   1993
Inanna                   Not.hing                      CD  DVLR         1994
Individual Totem         S.E.T.I.                      CD  Pendragon    1996
Insekt                   Insekt                        CD  KK           1989
Insekt                   Stress                        CD  KK           1991
Inside Treatment         Isolated Suburban PsychokillerCD  Parade Amoure1990
Intermix                 Phaze Two                     CD  Third Mind   1992
Intimate Obsessions      Assassin                      12" Third Mind
Intimate Obsessions      Erebus to Hades               EP  Third Mind   1985
Into Decline             Into Decline                  C   Dawn Culture 1989
Invaders of the Heart    Without Judgement             CD  KK           1989
Invincible Spirit        Make a Device                 12" TDI          1989
Invincible Spirit, The   Current News                  CD  ZYX/TDI
Iugula-Thor              Forced Flesh                  CD  Minus Habens 1992
Jade 4 U                 Jade's Dream                  LP  Integrity    1988
Jansen & Spilles         Jansen & Spilles              CD               1995
Jarboe                   Sacrificial Cake              CD  Alternative T1995
Joined At The Head       Consecration's Will           12" Wax Trax     1990
Jouissance               Sunlight Penetrates the Crown CD  Minus Habens 1992
Joy Division             Closer                        CD  Factory      1980
Joy Division             Love Will Tear Us Apart       12" Factory
Joy Division             Substance                     CD  Qwest/Factory1988
Joy Division             Unknown Pleasures             CD  Factory      1979
Juno Reactor             Bible of Dreams               CD  Wax Trax     1997
K, Caroline              Now Wait for Last Year        LP  Earthly Delig1987
Kalima                   Night Time Shadows            LP  Factory      1986
Kalte Farben             Trust In Opium                CD  Pendragon    1997
Killing Joke             Eighties                      12" EG           1984
Killing Joke             Extremities, Dirt, and VariousCD  Noise Interna1990
Killing Joke             Love Like Blood               12" EG           1985
Killing Joke             Night Time                    CD  EG           1985
Killing Joke             Pandemonium                   CD  Zoo          1994
Kinetic Ideals           Reason                        EP  Mannequin    1981
Kirk, Richard H.         Black Jesus Voice             CD  Mute         1995
Kirk, Richard H.         Black Jesus Voice             LP  Rough Trade  1986
Kirk, Richard H.         Hipnotic                      12" Rough Trade  1986
Kirk, Richard H.         Time High Fiction             LP  Doublevision 1983
Kirk, Richard H.         Ugly Spirit                   LP  Rough Trade  1986
Kirk, Richard H.         Virtual State                 CD  Warp         1993
Kirlian Camera           Eclipse - Das Schwarze DenkmalCD  Discordia    1994
Kirlian Camera           Todesengel - The Fall of Life CD  Blue Rain    1991
Kitchens of Distinction  Cowboys And Aliens            CD  A&M          1994
Kitchens of Distinction  Love Is Hell                  CD  A&M          1989
Kitchens of Distinction  Strange Free World            CD  One Little In1990
Kitchens of Distinction  The Death Of Cool             CD  One Little In1992
KLF                      The White Room                CD  Arista       1991
Klinik, The              Black Leather                 12" Antler       1990
Klinik, The              Box Set                       CD  Antler       1990
Klinik, The              Face to Face                  LP  Antler       1988
Klinik, The              Face to Face + Fever          CD  Antler       1989
Klinik, The              Fear                          12" Antler       1987
Klinik, The              Fever                         12" Antler       1988
Klinik, The              Melting Close + Sabotage      CD  Antler       1989
Klinik, The              Melting Close + Sabotage      LP  Antler       1987
Klinik, The              Pain and Pleasure             12" Antler
Klinik, The              Plague                        LP  Antler
Klinik, The              The Klinik                    CD  Antler       1988
Klinik, The              Time                          CD  Antler       1990
Klute                    Excluded                      CD  Cleopatra    1993
Klute                    Explicit                      CDEPZoth Ommog   1991
KMDFM                    Money                         CD  Wax Trax     1992
KMFDM                    A Drug Against War            CDS Wax Trax     1993
KMFDM                    Godlike                       CDS Wax Trax     1990
KMFDM                    Money/Bargeld                 CD  Wax Trax     1992
KMFDM                    Naïve                         CD  Wax Trax     1990
KMFDM                    Nihil                         CD  Wax Trax     1995
KMFDM                    Split                         12" Wax Trax     1991
KMFDM                    Virus                         CDS Wax Trax     1989
KMFDM                    Xtort                         CD  Wax Trax     1996
KMFDM Vs. Pig            Sin Sex & Salvation           CDS Wax Trax     1994
Kode IV                  Insane                        CD  KK/Cargo     1992
Kode IV                  Possessed                     CD  KK           1990
Konstruktivits           Glennascaul                   LP  Sterile      1985
Konstruktivits           Kollection 78-95              CD  Jara Discs   1995
Konstruktivits           Tic Tac Toe                   CD  World Serpent1991
La Floa Maldita          L'Oasis                       CDEPCandyland    1996
La Muerte                Kustom Kar Kompetition        CD  PIAS/Caroline1991
Lab Report               Figure X-71                   CD  Invisible    1992
Lagowski                 Wire Science                  CD  T.E.Q. Music 1994
Laibach                  Geburt Einer Nation           12" Mute         1987
Laibach                  Kapital                       CD  Mute/Elektra 1992
Laibach                  Let it Be                     CD  Mute/Enigma  1988
Laibach                  Ljubljana Zagreb Beograd      CD  Mute         1993
Laibach                  Macbeth                       CD  Enigma/Mute  1990
Laibach                  Rekapitulation 1980-84        CD  Walter Ulbric1989
Laibach                  The Occupied Europe Tour '85  LP  Side Effects
Lanterna                 Lanterna                      CD  Parasol      1995
Lassigue Bendthaus       Cloned                        CD  KK/Metropolis
Lassigue Bendthaus       Matter                        CD  KK           1993
Lead into Gold           Chicks & Speed: Futurism      CDEPWax Trax     1990
Leather Strip            Aspects of Aggression         CDS Zoth Ommog   1990
Leather Strip            Object V                      CD  Zoth Ommog   1991
Leather Strip            Solitary Confinement          CD  Cleopatra    1993
Leather Strip            The Pleasure of Penetration   CD  Zoth Ommog   1989
Leather Strip            Underneath the Laughter       CD  Zoth Ommog   1993
Left Hand Right Hand     In Mufti                      CD  Musica Maxima1995
Legendary Pink Dots      Curious Guy                   12" Play It Again Sam
Legendary Pink Dots      Island of Jewels              LP  Play It Again Sam
Legion                   False Dawn                    CD  Hyperium     1992
Lemos, Paul & Joe Papa   Music For Stolen Icons II     CD  Artware      1993
Les Jumeaux              Cobalt                        CD  ITN Corporati1997
Lesser                   I Hate Me                     CD  Endless Music1992
Life Garden              Seed                          CD  Agni Music   1993
Little Annie             Short And Sweet               CD  On-U Sound   1992
Loggerhead               Demons In Rapture             CD  Dr. Jim's    1994
Loi Interceps            Music For Movies              CD  Minus Habens
Loop                     A Gilded Eternity             CD  Beggars Banqu1990
Lords of Acid            Lust                          CD  Caroline     1991
Love & Rockets           Love & Rockets                CD  RCA          1989
Love Is Colder Than DeathMental Traveller              CD  Hyperium     1992
Love Is Colder Than DeathOxeia                         CD  Hyperium     1993
Love Is Colder Than DeathSpellbound                    CDS Hyperium     1995
Love Spirals Downwards   Ardor                         CD  Projekt      1994
Love Spirals Downwards   Ever                          CD  Projekt      1996
Love Spirals Downwards   Idylls                        CD  Projekt      1992
Loveliescrushing         Bloweyelashwish               CD  Projekt      1994
Loveliescrushing         Xuvetyn                       CD  Projekt      1995
Lowlife                  Godhead                       LP  Nightshift   1989
Lowlife                  Gush                          CD  Noise Annoys 1995
Lowlife                  Permanent Sleep               LP  Nightshift   1986
Lowlife                  Rain                          EP  Nightshift   1985
Lowlife                  San Antorium                  CD  Nightshift   1991
Lowlife                  Swirl, It Swings              EP  Nightshift   1987
Lull                     Cold Summer                   CD  Sentrax      1994
Lull                     Dreamt About Dreaming         CD  Sentrax      1992
Lull                     Journey Through Underworlds   CD  Sentrax      1993
Lush                     Gala                          CD  4AD/Reprise  1990
Lush                     Spooky                        CD  4AD/Reprise  1992
Lustmord                 Heresy                        CD  Soleilmoon   1990
Lustmord                 The Place Where the Black StarCD  Side Effects 1994
Lycia                    A Day In the Stark Corner     CD  Projekt      1993
Lycia                    Cold                          CD  Projekt      1996
Lycia                    Ionia                         CD  Projekt      1991
Lycia                    Live                          CD  Projekt      1994
Lycia                    The Burning Circle And Then DuCD  Projekt      1995
M-1 Alternative          Aviary                        CD  C'est La Mort1991
M-1 Alternative          La Llorona                    LP  Box Man      1988
Main                     Dry Stone Feed                CD  Beggars Banqu1993
Main                     Motion Pool                   CD  Beggars Banqu1994
Mainesthai               Out To Lunch                  CD  Zoth Ommog   1994
Malformed Earthborn      Defiance of the Ugly by the MeCD  Relapse      1995
Malign                   Shatter And Impale            CD  Anubis       1996
Mallinder, Stephen       Pow-Wow                       EP  Fetish       1982
Manapsara                Routine                       12" Sub Rosa     1989
Mandible Chatter         Drinking Out the Hourglass    CD  Russell      1993
Mandible Chatter         Food For the Moon             CD  Manifold     1997
Mandible Chatter         Grace                         CD  Manifold     1995
Mandible Chatter         Hair Hair Lock & Lore         CD  Russell      1994
Manufacture              Armed Forces                  12" Nettwerk     1988
Manufacture              Terrorvision                  CD  Nettwerk     1988
Manufacture              Voice of World Control        CD  Nettwerk     1991
March Violets            The Botanic Verses            CD  Cleopatra    1993
Mariann Kafer            Animal Farm                   CD  Furnace      1995
Marilyn Manson           Antichrist Superstar          CD  Nothing      1996
Marilyn Manson           Smells Like Children          CD  Nothing/Inter1995
Maschinenzimmer 412      Macht Durch Stimme            CD  Dark Vinyl   1991
MC 900 Ft. Jesus         Truth Is Out Of Style         12" Nettwerk     1990
McKennitt, Loreena       The Book of Secrets           CD  Warner Bros. 1997
Meat Beat Manifesto      99%                           CD  Play It Again1990
Meat Beat Manifesto      Armed Audio Warfare           LP  Play It Again1990
Meat Beat Manifesto      Dog Star Man                  CDS PIAS US
Meat Beat Manifesto      I Got the Fear                12" Sweatbox
Meat Beat Manifesto      Psyche-Out                    CDS Mute         1990
Meat Beat Manifesto      Storm the Studio              LP  Wax Trax     1989
Meat Beat Manifesto      Strap Down                    12" Sweatbox     1988
Meat Beat Manifesto      Subliminal Sandwich           CD  Nothing      1996
Megaptera                Beyond the Shadow             CD  Kronotop     1994
Megaptera                Disease                       CD  Art Konkret  1996
Mellonta Tauta           Ocean                         CDS Hyperium     1994
Memorandum               Ars Moriendi                  CD  Cold Meat Ind1994
Men 2nd                  Plato's Highway               CD  Crammed Discs1991
Men 2nd                  Red Tape                      LP  Antler       1987
Men 2nd                  The Antibody Songs            EP  Antler       1988
Mental Destruction       The Intensity of Darkness     CD  Cold Meat Ind1991
Mental Measuretech       Songs From Neuropa            CD
Mentallo & the Fixer     Burnt Beyond Recognition      CD  Metropolis   1997
Mentallo & the Fixer     Continuum                     CD  Metropolis   1995
Mentallo & the Fixer     No Rest for the Wicked        CD  Simbiose     1992
Mentallo & the Fixer     Where Angels Fear to Tread    CD  Zoth Ommog   1994
Merry Thoughts           Pale Empress                  CD  Dion Fortune 1994
Microchip League         Communicate                   12" Westside
Mighty Force             Dive                          12" Earache      1990
Mighty Force             Dive                          CDS Earache      1990
Mikulic, Boris           Heresy                        LP  Antler       1990
Mimic Mind               Plunder For Profit            CD  Broken Seal  1995
Mind/Body/Split          If It's Not On It's Not On    LP  Split        1989
Minimal Compact          Live                          CD  Crammed Discs1988
Minimal Compact          Lowlands Flight               CD  Crammed Discs1988
Minimal Compact          Raging Souls                  CD  Crammed Discs1985
Minimal Compact          The Figure One Cuts           CD  Crammed Discs1987
Minimal Man              Hunger is All She Has Ever KnoCD  Play It Again Sam
Minimal Man              Sex With God                  LP  Dossier      1985
Minister of Noise        Hell in Heaven                CD  Peaceville   1990
Minister of Noise        Voodoo Soul                   CD  KK/Cargo     1991
Ministry                 Cold Life                     12" Wax Trax     1985
Ministry                 Everyday is Halloween         12" Wax Trax
Ministry                 Filth Pig                     CD  Warner Bros. 1996
Ministry                 In Case You Didn't Feel Like SCD  Sire         1990
Ministry                 Just One Fix                  CDS Sire         1992
Ministry                 Over the Shoulder             12" Sire         1985
Ministry                 Psalm 69                      CD  Sire         1992
Ministry                 The Land of Rape and Honey    CD  Sire         1988
Ministry                 The Mind Is a Terrible Thing tCD  Sire         1989
Ministry                 Twitch                        CD  Sire         1986
Ministry                 Twitch                        LP  Sire         1986
Ministry                 With Sympathy                 LP  Arista       1983
Miranda Sex Garden       Fairytales of Slavery         CD  Mute         1994
Miranda Sex Garden       Madra                         CD  Mute/Elektra 1991
Miranda Sex Garden       Suspiria                      CD  Mute/Elektra 1993
Moebius & Beerbohm       Strange Music                 LP  Sky          1982
Moev                     The Early Years               CD  CD Presents  1987
Moev                     Yeah Whatever                 CD  Nettwerk     1988
Mono, Niki               Contradictions Are a Luxury   LP  Antler       1989
Monty Python             Monty Python Sings            CD  Virgin       1989
Moon Seven Times, The    7 = 49                        CD  Roadrunner   1994
Moonshake                Big Good Angel                CDEPToo Pure
Moonshake                Eva Luna                      CD  Too Pure
Mortal Constraint        The Legend of Deformation     CD  Glasnost     1994
Morthond                 Spindrift                     CD  Cold Meat Ind1993
Morthond                 This Crying Age               CD  Cold Meat Ind1991
Morthound                The Goddess Who Could Make theCD  Cold Meat Ind1994
Mortiis                  Anden Som Gjorde Oppror       CD  Cold Meat Ind1995
Mortiis                  Keiser Av En Dimenjion Ukjent CD  Cold Meat Ind1995
Moskwa TV                Brave New World               12" SPV          1987
Moskwa TV                Dynamics & Discipline         LP  Westside
Multicide                Pathogenesis                  CD  D.O.R.       1993
Murphy, Peter            Deep                          CD  RCA          1990
Museum of Devotion       Racist                        12" Lively Art   1989
Museum of Devotion       Racist                        CDS Lively Art   1989
Museum of Devotion       To The Pink Period            CD  Lively Art
Museum of Devotion       To The Pink Period            LP  Lively Art
Museum of Devotion       Wants Versus Needs            CD  Lively Art   1990
Muslimgauze              Iran                          CD  Staaltape    1989
Mussolini Headkick       Blood on the Flag             CD  Antler/Caroli1990
My Bloody Valentine      Isn't Anything                CD  Sire         1988
Mynox Layh               Intra In Caelum               CD  SDV          1991
Mynox Layh               Save the Anima & Remixes      CDS Hyperium     1992
Mynox Layh               Terminus Claritatus           CD  Hyperium     1994
MZ 412                   In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas LCD  Cold Meat Ind1995
Nature And Organisation  A Dozen Summers Against the WoCDEPDurtro       1994
Necrophorus              Underneath the Spirit of TranqCD  Cat's Heaven 1996
Negativland              A Big 10-8 Place              CD  Seeland      1990
Negativland              Escape From Noise             CD  SST          1987
Negativland              Free                          CD  Seeland      1993
Negativland              Helter Stupid                 CD  SST          1989
Negativland              Jam Con 84                    C   SST          1988
Negativland              Over The Edge Vol. 5          CD  Seeland      1993
Negativland              U2                            CD  SST          1991
Neon Judgement           Mafu Cage                     CD  Play It Again1986
Neon Judgement           The First Judgements          CD  Play It Again1988
Nerve                    Blood & Gold                  CD  Play It Again1995
Nerve                    Dedalus                       CDS Play It Again1993
Neurosis                 Souls At Zero                 CD  Alternative T1992
New Order                Blue Monday                   12" Factory      1983
New Order                Confusion                     12" Factory      1984
New Order                Everything's Gone Green       CDS Factory Benel1981
New Order                Low-Life                      LP  Qwest/Warner 1985
New Order                Movement                      CD  Factory      1981
New Order                Power Corruption and Lies     LP  Factory      1983
New Order                Power Corruption and Lies     CD  Factory      1983
Newman, Colin            A-Z                           CD  Beggars Banqu1988
Newman, Colin            It Seems                      CD  Crammed/Restl1988
Newman, Colin            provisionally entitled the sinCD  4AD          1981
Nightmare Lodge          Negative Planet               CD  Minus Habens 1994
Nine Inch Nails          Broken                        CDEPNothing      1992
Nine Inch Nails          Head Like a Hole              CD  TVT          1990
Nine Inch Nails          Pretty Hate Machine           CD  TVT          1989
Nine Inch Nails          The Downward Spiral           CD  Interscope   1994
Nitzer Ebb               Belief                        LP  Geffen       1988
Nitzer Ebb               Belief                        CD  Geffen       1988
Nitzer Ebb               Ebbhead                       CD  Geffen       1991
Nitzer Ebb               Getting Closer                CD  Geffen       1990
Nitzer Ebb               Lightning Man                 CD  Geffen       1990
Nitzer Ebb               Showtime                      CD  Geffen       1990
Nitzer Ebb               That Total Age                CD  Geffen       1987
Nocturnal Emissions      Befehlsnotstand               CD  Dark Vinyl   1992
Nocturnal Emissions      Chaos (live)                  LP  CFC          1984
Nocturnal Emissions      Drowning in a Sea of Bliss    C   Touch
Nocturnal Emissions      Duty Experiment 1982-1984     C   Earthly Delig1988
Nocturnal Emissions      Glossolalia                   CD  Soleilmoon   1994
Nocturnal Emissions      ICA London 9th August 1985    C   Sterile      1985
Nocturnal Emissions      Invocation of the Beast Gods  CD  Staaltape    1990
Nocturnal Emissions      Magnetized Light              CD  Musica Maxima1993
Nocturnal Emissions      Shake Those Chains            LP  Sterile      1984
Nocturnal Emissions      Songs of Love And Revolution  CD  Dark Vinyl   1992
Nocturnal Emissions      Songs Of Love And Revolution  LP  Sterile      1985
Nocturnal Emissions      Spiritflesh                   LP  Earthly Delig1988
Nocturnal Emissions      Stoneface                     LP  Parade Amoure1989
Nocturnal Emissions      The Fight Goes On             C   Staal Tape   1984
Nocturnal Emissions      The World is My Womb          LP  Earthly Delig1987
Nocturnal Emissions      Tissue of Lies - Revisited    CD  Dark Vinyl   1990
Noise Unit               Decoder                       CD  Dossier
Noise Unit               Drill                         CD  Metropolis   1997
Noise Unit               Grinding Into Emptiness       CD  Antler       1989
Noise Unit               Response Frequency            CD  Antler       1990
Noise Unit               Strategy of Violence          CD  Dossier      1992
Normal, The              Warm Leatherette              7"  Mute         1978
Nouvelles Lectures CosmopAllegro Vivace                CD  PDC          1992
Nouvelles Lectures CosmopSpiritus Rex                  CD  EDT          1994
Nox                      Acte I: Back to the Roots!    LP  PDC
Nox                      Rut                           10" Odd Size     1989
Nox                      Sessions 84/86                LP  Dossier      1986
Null & Plotkin           Aurora                        CD  Sentrax      1994
Numb                     Christmeister                 CD  Lively Art   1989
Numb                     Wasted Sky                    CD  KK           1994
Nurse With Wound         Automating Vol. 2             LP  United Dairies
Nurse With Wound         Chance Meeting on a DissectingC   Cause And Effect
Nurse With Wound         Thunder Perfect Mind          CD  World Serpent1992
O Yuki Conjugate         Peyote                        CD  Multimood    1991
O Yuki Conjugate         Sunchemical                   CD  Staalplaat   1995
O Yuki Conjugate         Undercurrents (In Dark Water) CD  Staaltape    1992
O'Rang                   Herd Of Instinct              CD  HitIt!       1997
OLD                      The Musical Dimensions of SleaCD  Earache      1993
Omala                    Germ                          CD  Hyperium     1993
Omala                    Relicon                       CD  Frequent Fren1993
Operating Strategies     The Difficulty of Being       CDEPDanse Macabre1992
Operation Mind Control   Funkturm                      CD  D.O.R.       1994
Optimum Wound Profile    Lowest Common Denominator     CD  Roadrunner   1992
Orange                   Orange                        CD  Dewdrops     1994
Orb, The                 Adventures Beyond the UltraworCD  Polygram     1991
Orb, The                 Live 93                       CD  Island       1993
Orb, The                 U.F. Orb                      CD  Polygram     1992
Orbital                  Satan Live (Two)              CDS Internal     1996
Ordo Equitum Solis       Animi Aegritudo               CD  Musica Maxima1991
Ordo Equitum Solis       Hecate                        CD  Projekt      1995
Ordo Equitum Solis       Ordo Equitum Solis            CD  Musica Maxima1993
Ordo Equitum Solis       Paraskénia                    CD  Musica Maxima1994
Ordo Equitum Solis       Solstitii Temporis Sensus     CD  Musica Maxima1990
Pailhead                 No Bunny                      12" Wax Trax     1987
Pain Emission            Fidget                        CD  COP          1993
Pain Teens               Born In Blood                 CD  Trance Syndic1990
PAL                      M@rix                         CD  Ant-Zen      1997
PAL                      Reel                          CDEPAnt-Zen      1996
PAL                      Signum                        CD  Ant-Zen      1995
Pankow                   Freedom for the Slaves        EP  Wax Trax     1989
Pankow                   Freiheit Fuer Die Sklaven     CD  Contempo     1988
Pankow                   Kunst und Wahnsinn            12" Contempo     1989
Pankow                   Pankow                        EP  Kindergarten
Papa Brittle             Obey, Consume, Marry And ReproCD  Agit Prop    1992
Parade of Sinners        Speech                        C   K.O. City Stu1989
Party Day                Glasshouse                    12" Rouska       1985
Perennial Divide         Purge                         LP  Sweatbox     1986
Peron, Carlos            Impersonator II               CD  Play It Again1988
Phallus Dei              Cyberflesh                    CD  Paragoric    1992
Phallus Dei              Luxuria                       CD  Paragoric    1995
Phallus Dei              Metacrates                    CDS Paragoric    1994
Phallus Dei              Pontifex Maximus              CD  Dark Vinyl   1991
Phallus Dei              Pornocrates                   CD  Paragoric    1994
Phauss                   Audiodrome                    LP  Radium       1987
Phauss & Firework        The Gallery of Water          7"  Radium       1984
Philadelphia Five        Heaven                        EP  KK
Pigface                  Fook                          CD  Invisible    1992
Pink Industry            Don't Let Go                  12" Cathexis     1987
Pink Industry            Pink Industry                 LP  Cathexis     1988
Pink Industry            Retrospective                 CD  Parade Amoure1990
Pitch Shifter            Desensitized                  CD  Earache      1993
Pitch Shifter            Infotainment                  CD  Earache      1996
Pitch Shifter            Submit                        CD  Earache      1992
Placebo Effect           Galleries of Pain             CD  Danse Macabre1992
Placebo Effect           Manipulated Mind Control      CD  Ausfahrt     1994
Play Dead                From the Promised Land        LP  Clay         1984
Plotkin & Harris         Collapse                      CD  Asphodel     1996
Pluuto                   Isn't It Crazy                12" TDI          1988
Poesie Noire             Compilation                   CD  Antler       1988
Poesie Noire             En Grande Colere              EP  Antler       1989
Poesie Noire             Love Is Colder Than Death     CD  Antler       1989
Poesie Noire             Oblivion                      12" Antler       1990
Poesie Noire             Tales of Doom                 CD  Antler
Poesie Noire             Tetra                         CD  Antler       1988
Pornosect                The Noose and the Spear       CD  Parade Amoure1990
Portion Control          Assault                       C
Portion Control          Go-Talk                       12" Illuminated  1984
Portion Control          Hit the Pulse                 EP  In Phaze     1983
Portion Control          Live in Europe                LP  BNIA/DMC
Portion Control          Psycho-Bod Saves the World    LP  Dead Man's Cu1986
Portion Control          Purge                         EP  Slam         1986
Portion Control          Raise the Pulse               12" Illuminated  1983
Portion Control          Rough Justice                 12" Illuminated  1984
Portion Control          Simulate Sensual              LP  In Phase
Portion Control          Step Forward                  LP  Illuminated  1984
Portion Control          Surface And Be Seen           EP  In Phaze     1982
Portion Control          The Great Divide              12" Rhythmic     1985
Portion Control          The Great Divide              12" Rhythmic     1985
Premature Ejaculation    Anesthesia                    CD  Dark Vinyl   1992
Princess Tinymeat        Herstory                      LP  Rough Trade  1987
Problemist               9 Times Sanity                LP  Sordide Sentimental
Prodigy                  Firestarter                   CDS Mute         1996
Prodigy                  The Fat Of The Land           CD  Maverick     1997
Producers For Bob        Bob's Media Ecology           CD  DOVEntertainm1992
Project Pitchfork        Entities                      CD  Hypnobeat    1992
Project Pitchfork        The Early Years               CD  Cleopatra    1996
Propaganda               A Secret Wish                 LP  Island       1985
Propaganda               A Secret Wish                 CD  ZTT/Island   1985
Propaganda               Wishful Thinking              LP  ZTT          1985
Psyche                   Contorting the Image          12" New Rose
Psyche                   Insomnia Theatre              LP  New Rose     1985
Psyche                   Mystery Hotel                 CD  New Rose     1988
Psyche                   Prisoner To Desire            12" New Rose     1987
Psyche                   Tales from the Darkside       CD  Animalized   1990
Psyche                   The Influence                 LP  Animalized/SP1989
Psyche                   Unveiling the Secret          CD  New Rose     1986
Psychic TV               Allegory and Self             CD  Temple       1988
Psychic TV               Force the Hand of Chance      LP  Some Bizzare 1982
Pump                     The Decoration of the Duma ConLP  Final Image  1987
Qntal                    Qntal                         CD  Gymnastic    1992
Qntal                    Qntal II                      CD  Gymnastic    1995
Rain Tree Crow           Rain Tree Crow                CD  Virgin       1991
Raison d'Etre            Enthraled by the Wind of LonelCD  Cold Meat Ind1994
Raison d'Etre            In Sadness, Silence and SolituCD  Cold Meat Ind1997
Raison d'Etre            Prospectus I                  CD  Cold Meat Ind1993
Raison d'Etre            Reflections From the Time of OCD  Bloodless Cre1997
Raison d'Etre            Within the Depths of Silence ACD  Cold Meat Ind1995
Rammstein                Sehnsucht                     CD  Slash        1997
Rammstein                Sehnsucht                     CD  Slash        1997
Random, Eric and the BedlMad as Mankind                12" Doublevision 1984
Rank Z'Heroes            Need a Slave                  12" Big Heat/PIAS1986
Rapoon                   Dream Circle                  CD  DOVEntertainm1992
Rapoon                   Fallen Gods                   CD  Staalplaat   1994
Rapoon                   The Kirghiz Light             CD  Staalplaat   1995
Rapoon                   Vernal Crossing               CD  Staalplaat   1993
Ray, James               Another Million Dollars       12" Merciful Rele1989
Ray, James               Best of James Ray's PerformancCD  Fifth Column 1996
Ray, James               Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado     CD  Merciful Rele1992
Ray, James               Without Conscience            12" Merciful Rele1990
Ray, James and the PerforDust Boat                     12" Merciful Rele1989
Ray, James and the PerforMexico Sundown Blues          12" Merciful Rele1986
Ray, James and the PerforTexas                         12" Merciful Rele1987
Razor Skyline            Journal of Trauma             CD  COP          1996
Razzia                   Tag Ohne Schatten             LP  Weird System 1983
Recoil                   Hydrology                     CD  Mute         1988
Red House Painters       Red House Painters            LP  4AD          1993
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry   Nothing Wrong                 CD  RCA/Beggars B1988
Red Temple Spirits       Dancing to Restore an EclipsedCD  Nate Starkman1988
Red Temple Spirits       New Land                      7"  Independent P1989
Red Turns To             Deep Sleep                    12" Factory
Reptilicus               Snaketime                     CDS World Serpent1993
Revolting Cocks          (Let's Get) Physical          CD  Wax Trax     1990
Revolting Cocks          Beers, Steers & Queers (RemixeCD  Wax Trax     1991
Revolting Cocks          Big Sexy Land                 CD  Wax Trax     1986
Revolting Cocks          Linger Ficken' Good           CD  Sire         1993
Revolting Cocks          Stainless Steel Providers     CDS Wax Trax     1990
Revolting Cocks          You Goddamned Son of a Bitch  CD  Wax Trax     1988
Revolting Cocks          You Often Forget              12" Wax Trax     1986
Revolutionary Army of theThe Gift Of Tears             CD  Apocalyptic V1994
Rice, Boyd               Music, Martinis, and MisanthroCD  NER          1990
Rise and Fall of a DecadeRise and Fall of a Decade     CD  Lively Art
Rise and Fall of a DecadeYou Or Sidney                 CD  Hyperium     1994
Robotiko Rejekto         Rejekto!                      12" TDI          1987
Rosa Mota                Wishful Sinking               CD  Mute         1995
Rosewater Elizabeth      Faint                         CD  24 Hour Servi1994
Rosewater Elizabeth      Le Petit Morte                CD  24 Hour Servi1995
Royal Family and the PoorArt                           12" Factory      1984
Royal Family and the PoorIn the Sea of E               LP  Gaia         1987
Royal Family and the PoorThe Project - Phase 4         12" Gaia Communic1987
Royal Family and the PoorWe Love the Moon              LP  Factory
Runes Order              The Land of Silence           CD  Sempiterna Mu1995
Runes Order              Winter                        CD  Sempiterna Mu1994
Sad Lovers & Giants      Feeding the Flame             CD  Midnight Musi1988
Salvation                Girlsoul                      12" Merciful Rele1983
Sandoz                   Intensely Radioactive         CD  Touch        1994
Savage Republic          Jamahiriya                    LP  Fundamental  1988
Savage Republic          Tragic Figures                CD  Fundamental  1990
Savage Republic          Trudge                        12" Play it Again Sam
Scala                    Beauty Nowhere                CD  Touch        1996
Scar Tissue              Separator                     CD  21st Circuitr1996
Scarecrow                Black Door                    12" TDI/ZYX      1989
Scattered Order          A Dancing Foot and a Praying KLP  Volition     1984
Scattered Order          Career of the Silly Thing     LP  Ink          1986
Scattered Order          Escape via Cessnock           12" Ink          1986
Scattered Order          I Feel So Relaxed With You ...LP  M Squared    1983
Scheer                   Infliction                    CD  4AD          1996
Schnitt Acht             Fire                          12" Cheetah      1990
Schnitt Acht             Subhuman Minds                CD  Cheetah      1991
Schnitzler/Thomasius     Tolling Toggle                CD  Funfundvierzi1991
Scorn                    Colossus                      CD  Earache      1993
Scorn                    Deliverance                   CD  Earache      1992
Scorn                    Ellipsis                      CD  Earache      1995
Scorn                    Evanescence                   CD  Earache      1994
Scorn                    Gyral                         CD  Scorn        1995
Scorn                    Lick Forever Dog              CD  Earache/Relat1992
Scorn                    Vae Solis                     CD  Earache/Relat1992
Scorn                    Whine                         CD  Invisible    1997
Scorn                    White Irises Blind            CDEPEarache      1993
Scorn                    Zander                        CD  Invisible    1997
Scraping Foetus off the WHole                          CD  PVC          1984
Scraping Foetus off the WRamrod                        12" Relativity/Some Bizzare
Second Communication     My Chromosomal Friend         CD  KK           1990
Second Communication     Second Communication          CD  KK           1989
Second Communication     The Brain that Binds Your Body12" KK           1990
Section 25               Always Now                    CD  Le Temps Mode1991
Section 25               From the Hip                  LP  Factory
Section 25               Girls Don't Count             12" Factory
Section 25               Je Veux Ton Amour             7"  Factory Benel1981
Section 25               Looking From a Hilltop        12" Factory      1984
Seefeel                  More Like Space               CDEPToo Pure     1993
Seefeel                  Pure, Impure                  CD  Too Pure     1993
Seefeel                  Quique                        CD  Too Pure     1993
Seefeel                  Succour                       CD  Warp         1995
Severed Heads            All Saints Day                12" Nettwerk     1989
Severed Heads            Bad Mood Guy                  LP  Nettwerk     1987
Severed Heads            Big Car                       12" Nettwerk     1990
Severed Heads            Blubberknife                  C   Terse/Ink    1983
Severed Heads            Blubberknife (official re-releC   Terse        1988
Severed Heads            Bulkhead                      CD  Nettwerk     1988
Severed Heads            City Slab Horror              LP  Ink          1985
Severed Heads            City Slab Horror              CD  Nettwerk     1990
Severed Heads            Clifford Darling, Please Don'tLP  Ink          1985
Severed Heads            Come Visit the Big Bigot      CD  Nettwerk     1986
Severed Heads            Cuisine (with Piscatorial)    CD  Nettwerk     1991
Severed Heads            Dead Eyes Opened              12" Ink          1984
Severed Heads            Gashing the Old Mae West      12" Ink          1986
Severed Heads            Greater Reward                CD  Nettwerk     1990
Severed Heads            Retread                       CD  Volition     1991
Severed Heads            Rotund for Success            LP  Nettwerk     1989
Severed Heads            Since the Accident            CD  Ink          1988
Severed Heads            Since the Accident            CD  Nettwerk     1990
Severed Heads            Since the Accident            C   Terse        1983
Severed Heads            Stretcher                     12" Ink          1985
Severed Heads            Stretcher                     LP  Volition     1985
Severed Heads            The Big Bigot                 LP  Volition     1986
Shamen, The              En-Tact                       CD  One Little In1990
Shamen, The              In Gorbachev We Trust         CD  Demon/Moksha 1989
Shamen, The              Omega Amigo                   CD  One Little In1989
Shelleyan Orphan         Shatter                       12" Rough Trade  1989
Shinjuku Thief           The Witch Hammer              CD  Projekt      1993
Shockheaded Peters       Fear Engine                   LP  Produkt Korps1987
Shriekback               The Infinite                  CD  Kaz          1987
Sianspheric              Somnium                       CD  Sonic Unyon  1995
Siddal                   The Pedestal                  CD  Bedazzled    1995
Sielwolf                 IV                            CD  KK           1996
Sielwolf                 Nachtstrom                    CD  CashBeat     1993
Siglo XX                 Antler Tracks I               CD  Antler       1988
Siglo XX                 Flowers for the Rebels        LP  Play It Again1987
Siglo XX                 It's All Over Now             EP  Antler       1986
Siglo XX                 Under a Purple Sky            CD  Play It Again1989
Sigmund und Sein Freund  In Theory And Practice        CD  Manifesto    1992
Sigmund und Sein Freund  Innate                        EP  Antler       1988
Sigmund und Sein Freund  Love Lust Leave               LP  Antler       1989
Sigmund und Sein Freund  Sacred                        12" Antler       1987
Sigmund und Sein Freund  Secret                        12" Antler       1988
Sigmund und Sein Freund  See Emily Play                LP  Antler       1988
Signal Aout 42           Contrast                      LP  Disco Smash/L1990
Signal Aout 42           Dead Is Calling               CD  LD           1990
Signal Aout 42           Pro Patria                    CD  LD/PIAS      1989
Simbolo                  Le Sacre du Printemps         CD  Cri du Chat  1992
Single Gun Theory        Exorcise This Wasteland       CD  Nettwerk     1987
Single Gun Theory        Like Stars In My Hands        CD  Nettwerk     1991
Sinister Attraction      Private Wars                  EP  N.T.S.       1989
Siouxsie and the BansheesOnce Upon A Time              CD  Geffen       1981
Siouxsie and the BansheesTwice Upon A Time             CD  Geffen       1992
Sirvix                   Her Dead Love                 CD  Decibel      1996
Sister Machine Gun       Burn                          CD  Wax Trax     1995
Sister Machine Gun       Sins of the Flesh             CD  Wax Trax     1992
Sister Machine Gun       The Torture Technique         CD  Wax Trax     1994
Sisterhood               Gift                          EP  Merciful Rele1986
Sisterhood               Giving Ground                 7"  Merciful Release
Sisterhood, The          Gift                          CD  Merciful Rele1986
Sisters of Mercy         First and Last and Always     CD  Elektra      1985
Sisters of Mercy         Floodland                     CD  Elektra      1987
Sisters of Mercy         Some Girls Wander By Mistake  CD  Merciful Rele1992
Sisters of Mercy         Temple of Love                12" Merciful Release
Sisters of Mercy         The Reptile House             EP  Merciful Release
Sisters of Mercy         Vision Thing                  CD  Merciful Rele1990
Sixth Comm               A Nothing Life                C   Eyas
Sixth Comm               Archive 1                     CD  Kenaz        1994
Sixth Comm               Archive 2                     CD  Kenaz        1994
Sixth Comm               Content With Blood            LP  Eyas         1989
Sixth Comm               Pagan Dance                   CD  Kenaz        1994
Sixth Comm               The Taste For Flesh           12" Eyas
Skin                     Girl: Come Out                12" Product Inc.
Skin                     The World of Skin             CD  Product Inc. 1988
Skin Chamber             Wound                         CD  R/C          1991
Skinny Puppy             12 Inch Anthology             CD  Nettwerk     1990
Skinny Puppy             Back and Forth Series Two     CD  Nettwerk     1992
Skinny Puppy             Bites                         C   Nettwerk     1985
Skinny Puppy             Bites                         CD  Nettwerk     1985
Skinny Puppy             Bites                         LP  Scarface/PIAS1985
Skinny Puppy             Bites and Remission           CD  Nettwerk     1984
Skinny Puppy             Inquisition                   CDS Nettwerk     1992
Skinny Puppy             Last Rights                   CD  Nettwerk     1992
Skinny Puppy             Mind: The Perpetual IntercoursCD  Nettwerk     1986
Skinny Puppy             Rabies                        CD  Nettwerk     1989
Skinny Puppy             Spasmolytic                   CDS Nettwerk     1991
Skinny Puppy             Testure                       CDS Nettwerk     1989
Skinny Puppy             Tin Omen                      12" Nettwerk     1989
Skinny Puppy             Too Dark Park                 CD  Nettwerk     1990
Skinny Puppy             Tormentor                     12" Nettwerk     1990
Skinny Puppy             Vivi Sect VI                  CD  Nettwerk/Capi1988
Skinny Puppy             Worlock                       CDS Nettwerk/Capi1990
Skrew                    Burning in Water, Drowning in CD  Metal Blade  1992
Sky Cries Mary           This Timeless Turning         CD  World Dominat1994
Slap                     Bed of Nails                  CD  Duotone
Sleep Chamber            Satanic Sanction              LP  Musica Maxima1989
Sleep Chamber            Sins ov Obsession             CD  Fünfundvierzi1989
Sleep Chamber            Sirkle Zero                   CD  Musica Maxima1990
Sleep Chamber            Submit to Desire              LP  Inner-X-Music1985
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Confined To Memory            12" One Little In1988
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Hold Me Under the Stars       CDS Hyperium     1995
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Sugar Kisses                  CD  Hyperium     1993
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Threnody                      CD  One Little In1990
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Under the Stars               CD  Hyperium     1995
Sleeping Dogs Wake       Understanding                 CD  Hyperium     1994
Slowdive                 5 EP                          CD  Creation     1993
Slowdive                 5 EP (In Mind Remixes)        CD  Creation     1993
Slowdive                 Holding Our Breath            12" Creation     1991
Slowdive                 Just For A Day                CD  Creation     1991
Slowdive                 Morningrise                   12" Creation     1991
Slowdive                 Outside Your Room             CD  Creation     1993
Slowdive                 Pygmalion                     CD  Creation     1995
Slowdive                 Slowdive                      CD  Creation     1990
Slowdive                 Souvlaki                      CD  Creation     1993
Smersh                   The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms  LP  RRR          1986
Smersh                   The Greatest Story Ever DistorEP  KK           1988
Snog                     Corporate Slave               CDS Machinery    1992
Snog                     Remote Control                CD  Metropolis   1997
Soil & Eclipse           Necromancy                    CD  COP          1997
Solar Enemy              Dirty vs. Universe            CD  Third Mind/Ro1991
Solar Enemy              Techno Divinity               CD  Third Mind   1990
Some More Crime          Another Domestic Drama        CD  ZZO          1993
Some More Crime          Code Opera                    CD  ZZO          1991
Son of Sam               One Thousand Beats Per Minute 12" Rouska       1987
Son of Sam               Rich and Famous               LP  Rouska       1987
Sonic Violence           The Blastecyst Mixes          12" D.O.R.       1993
Sonic Violence           Transfixion                   CD  Dreamtime    1992
Sopor Aeternus           Sopor Aeternus                CD  Apocalyptic Vision
Sow                      Je M'aime                     CD  Hyperium     1994
Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox  Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox       LP  Earthly Delig1987
Spit                     Crude Rude Dude               CD  Hot Productio1997
Spit                     Persecution of Genius         LP  N.T.S.       1991
Spit                     Road Pizza                    12" N.T.S.       1988
Spit                     The Godfather Of Smut         CD  Pacific Force1996
Spit                     You Would if You Loved Me     LP  N.T.S.       1989
SPK                      Dekompositiones               12" Normal       1983
SPK                      Information Overload Unit     CD  Mute         1992
SPK                      Leichenschrei                 LP  Thermidor    1982
SPK                      Solipsik                      7"  M Squared
SPK                      Zamia Lehmanni                CD  Mute         1992
Splintered               Parapraxis                    CD  Intellectual 1992
State, The               Control                       CD  Sound Sound  1991
State, The               Conundrum                     LP  Dossier      1988
State, The               Searches For Naked Forms      CD  Sound Sound  1993
Steinski & Mass Media    It's Up To You                CDS DOVEntertainm1992
Stereotaxic Device       100 Per Day Extinct           CD  KK/Cargo     1992
Stereotaxic Device       Stereotaxic Device            CD  KK           1990
Steril                   Egoism                        CD  Off Beat
Steril                   Transmission Pervous          CD  Off Beat     1995
Stewart, Mark            Hysteria                      12" Mute         1990
Stewart, Mark + Maffia   Stranger Than Love            12" Mute         1987
Stoa                     Porta VIII                    CD  Hyperium     1994
Stoa                     Urthona                       CD  Hyperium     1993
Stone 588                Door In the Dragon's Throat   CD  Ipso Facto   1995
Stress                   The Big Wheel                 EP  Adventures in1985
Stromkern                Flicker Like A Candle         CD  Kodex        1997
Sturm Group              Century Ho!                   LP  Green Fuse   1985
Sucking Chest Wound      God Family Country            CD  DOVEntertainm1992
Sufferhead               Sufferhead                    EP  Ink          1985
Suicide                  A Way Of Life                 CD  Wax Trax     1989
Suicide Commando         Contamination                 CD  Off Beat     1996
Suicide Commando         Stored Images                 CD  Off Beat     1995
Sunshine Blind           Liquid                        CD  Energy       1996
Swallow                  Blow                          CD  4AD          1992
Swallow                  Blowback                      CD  4AD          1992
Swamp Terrorists         Combat Shock                  CD  Re-Constricti1994
Swamp Terrorists         Get O.                        CD  Sub/Mission  1994
Swamp Terrorists         Grim - Stroke - Disease       CD  Machinery    1990
Swamp Terrorists         Grow - Speed - Injection      CD  Noise Enterta1991
Swamp Terrorists         Nightmare                     CDEPNoise Interna1991
Swamp Terrorists         Pale Torment                  CD  Sub/Mission  1994
Swamp Terrorists         Wreck                         CD  Sub/Mission  1996
Swans                    A Long Slow Screw             V
Swans                    Children of God               CD  Caroline     1987
Swans                    I Crawled                     EP  K.422        1984
Swans                    Love Of Life                  CD  Young God/Sky1992
Swans                    The Great Annihilator         CD  Invisible    1995
Swans, The               Body To Body Job To Job       CD  Young God/Sky1991
Swans, The               Filth                         CD  Young God    1990
Switchblade Symphony     Bread and Jam For Frances     CD  Cleopatra    1997
Switchblade Symphony     Clown                         CDS Cleopatra    1996
Switchblade Symphony     Scrapbook                     CD               1997
Switchblade Symphony     Serpentine Gallery            CD  Cleopatra
Synaesthesia             Desideratum                   CD  Cleopatra    1995
Synaesthesia             Ephemeral                     CD  Hypnotic     1997
T.G.T.                   Revo                          12" Wax Trax     1989
Tackhead                 En Concert                    CD  PAS          1989
Tackhead                 Reality                       12" On-U Sound
Tackhead                 Tackhead Tape Time            LP  Nettwerk     1988
Tackhead                 The Game                      12" Volition     1989
Tape Beatles             The Grand Delusion            CD  Staalplaat   1993
Tear Garden              The Last Man To Fly           CD  Nettwerk     1992
Tear Garden              Tired Eyes Slowly Burning     CD  Nettwerk     1987
Tear Garden              To Be An Angel Blind, ...     CD  Nettwerk     1996
Techno Animal            Ghosts                        CD  Pathological 1991
Techno Animal            Re-Entry                      CD  Virgin       1995
Technogod                Hemo Glow Ball                CD  Contempo     1992
Tel Basta                Laid Up In Lavender           CD  C'est La Mort1993
Tel Basta                Tel Basta                     CD  Delta Recordi1992
Templebeat               Black Suburbia                CD  Dynamica     1995
Temps Perdu?             Athanor                       CD  Discordia    1992
Temps Perdu?             Terra Incognita               CD  Timebase     1995
Terminal Cheesecake      Angels In Pigtails            CD  Pathological 1990
Terminal Cheesecake      Gateau Déspace                CD  Jackass      1993
Terminal Cheesecake      King of All Spaceheads        CD  Jackass      1994
Terminal Cheesecake      Pearlesque Kings of the JewmosCD  World Serpent1992
Terminal White           The Color-Line                CD  White        1991
Terminal White           Worker                        EP  White        1988
Terrace of Memories      Terrace of Memories           CD  Projekt      1992
Terror Against Terror    Psychological Warfare TechnoloCD  Paragoric/DV 1992
Test Dept.               Beating the Retreat           LP  Phonogram    1984
Test Dept.               Compulsion                    12" Some Bizzare 1983
Test Dept.               Ecstacy Under Duress          CD  Total F.I.   1991
Test Dept.               Gododdin                      12" Media City   1988
Test Dept.               Gododdin                      CD  Ministry of P1989
Test Dept.               Legacy (1990-1993)            CD  Jungle       1994
Test Dept.               Materia Prima                 CD               1990
Test Dept.               Natura Victis                 12" Sub Rosa     1988
Test Dept.               Pax Americana                 CD  Jungle/MOP   1990
Test Dept.               Pax Britannica                CD  Jungle       1991
Test Dept.               Program For Progress          V
Test Dept.               Proven In Action              LP  Jungle/MOP   1991
Test Dept.               Shoulder To Shoulder          LP  MOP/Some Bizz1985
Test Dept.               The Unacceptable Face of FreedCD  Some Bizzare 1987
Test Dept.               The Unacceptable Face of FreedLP  Some Bizzare 1986
Test Dept.               Totality                      CD  Invisible    1995
TGT                      Revo                          CDS Wax Trax     1989
The The                  Soul Mining                   CD  Some Bizzare/1983
Theatrum Chemicum        Verso La Luce                 CD  Musica Maxima1994
This Ascension           Light And Shade               CD  Tess         1991
This Ascension           Light And Shade               CD  Tess         1991
This Ascension           Tears in Rain                 LP  Tess         1989
This Ascension           Walk Softly, A Dream Lies HereCD  Tess         1994
This Mortal Coil         Blood                         CD  4AD          1991
This Mortal Coil         Filigree and Shadow           CD  4AD          1986
This Mortal Coil         It'll End In Tears            CD  4AD          1984
Thrill Kill Kult         Confessions of a Knife        CD  Wax Trax     1990
Thrill Kill Kult         I See Good Spirits and I See BCD  Wax Trax     1988
Throbbing Gristle        D.O.A.                        LP  Mute         1978
Thule                    La Jamais Contente            EP  Wiiija       1989
Tilt!                    Aliens and Orgasms            CD  Antler       1990
Tilt!                    Merciless                     12" Antler       1990
Tones on Tail            Night Music                   CD  PVC/Beggars B1987
Tooth and Nail           Headhunter's Banquet          12" Word of Mouth1989
Tooth and Nail           In Hysteria                   EP  Word of Mouth1990
Trance To The Sun        Ghost Forest                  CD  Tess         1994
Trance to the Sun        Venomous Eve                  CD  Tess         1995
Transmisia               Mincing Machine               CD  Wide         1992
Trauma                   Fractal I                     CD  Machinery    1993
Trial                    Zero Feeling                  CD  Hypnobeat    1992
Tribantura               Lack of Sense                 12" TDI          1988
Trisomie 21              Chapter IV and Wait and Dance CD  Play It Again1987
Trisomie 21              Final Work                    CD  Play It Again1990
Trisomie 21              Million Lights                CD  Play It Again Sam
Trisomie 21              The First Songs               CD  LD/PIAS      1988
Trisomie 21              The First Songs Vol. II       EP  LD/PIAS      1988
Trust Obey               Hands Of Ash                  CD  Fifth Column 1996
Tuu                      All Our Ancestors             CD  Beyond       1994
Tuu                      Invocation                    CD  Hic Sunt Leon1995
Tuxedomoon               Half-Mute                     CD  Crammed Discs1980
Twice A Man              Driftwood                     CD  Yellow       1988
Type Non                 Phantasmagoria                CD  SDV          1991
Ultra Vivid Scene        Staring at the Sun            12" 4AD          1990
Ultra Vivid Scene        Ultra Vivid Scene             CD  4AD          1988
Ultravox                 Visions in Blue               12" Chrysalis    1983
Uprotor                  Technocracy Now               CD  Gymnastic    1992
Ups And Downs            Rash                          CD  Nettwerk     1991
Vampire Rodents          Premonition                   CD  V.R. Producti1992
Vampire Rodents          War Music                     CD  Dossier      1991
Various                  13                            CD  Lively Art   1990
Various                  1992                          LP  KK           1989
Various                  100 Tears                     CD  Cleopatra    1997
Various                  4X4                           CD  Ladd-Frith   1991
Various                  A Beat To A Small Mouth       CD  Barooni/Solei1991
Various                  A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth LP  Giorno Poetry1985
Various                  A Factory Quartet             LP  Factory
Various                  Absolute                      CD  Parade Amoure1990
Various                  Abstract Magazine #5          LP  Abstract     1985
Various                  Abstract Magazine #6          LP  Sweatbox     1985
Various                  All Virgos Are Mad            CD  4AD          1994
Various                  Alleviation                   CD  Silber       1996
Various                  AMP                           CD  Caroline     1997
Various                  And Even Wolves Hid Their TeetCD  Darkwave     1995
Various                  Andromeda - The Spectral CompiCD  Discordia    1993
Various                  Animal Liberation             LP  Wax Trax     1987
Various                  Another World Part 3: ElectronCD  Antler       1991
Various                  Another World: Electronic BodyCD  Antler       1990
Various                  Antler Records Promo Sampler  C   Antler       1990
Various                  Aria                          CD  Tess         1997
Various                  Arrythmia                     CD  Charnel House1990
Various                  Bark                          LP  Sweatbox     1988
Various                  Beneath the Icy Floe          CD  Projekt      1995
Various                  Black Box                     CD  Wax Trax     1994
Various                  Body Rapture 7                CD  Zoth Ommog
Various                  Body Rapture II               CD  Zoth Ommog   1992
Various                  Borderline                    CD  Messerschmitt1993
Various                  California Cybercrash CompilatCD  COP          1992
Various                  Celtic Circle Sampler Part II CD  Celtic Circle1994
Various                  Celtic Circle Sampler Part II CD  Celtic Circle1995
Various                  Ceremonial: A Tribute to Joy DCD  Mere Mortal  1995
Various                  Chaos in Expansion            CD  Sub Rosa     1993
Various                  Contemporock                  CD  Opcion Sonica1993
Various                  Coordinate 01                 CD  Dossier      1993
Various                  COP Compilation               CD  COP          1996
Various                  CORE                          CD  Play It Again1988
Various                  Crack of a Belgian Whip       CD  KK           1990
Various                  Cyber Core Compilation        CD  COP          1994
Various                  Cybernetic Biodread TransmissiCD  Messerschmitt1992
Various                  Deadheads And Roses           CD  Sub Rosa     1992
Various                  Death Odors                   CD  Slaughter Pro1993
Various                  Dion Fortune Sampler          CD  Dion Fortune 1993
Various                  Donovan: Island of Circles    CD  Nettwerk     1992
Various                  Doom & Gloom: Visions of the ACD  Nesak Interna1993
Various                  Dossiers                      CD  Dossier      1992
Various                  Dossiers II                   LP  Dossier      1989
Various                  Dr. Death's Vol. 4            CD  C'est La Mort1990
Various                  Dr. Death's Vol. 5: Hearts LusCD  C'est La Mort1991
Various                  Driving Me Backwards          LP  Dead Man's Cu1987
Various                  Dry Lungs V                   CD  Subterranean 1992
Various                  Earthly Delights              LP  Sterile      1986
Various                  Ecstasy By Current            LP  Schizophonia 1988
Various                  Ecstasy By Current II         LP  Schizophonia 1989
Various                  Endless 1                     CD  Manifold     1994
Various                  Endless 2                     CD  Manifold     1995
Various                  Endless Grindstone            CD  K.O. City Stu1989
Various                  Esync Ocular Interchange      CD  Esync Ocular 1989
Various                  Exploration One               CD  Body And Bloo1995
Various                  Face To Face Vol. 1           12" Odd Size
Various                  Fight!                        LP  Cathexis     1987
Various                  For Your Ears Only            LP  Third Mind   1987
Various                  Four from the Madding Crowd   LP  Third Mind   1986
Various                  Freedom in a Vacuum           LP  Freedom in a 1987
Various                  From Across This Gray Land No.CD  Projekt      1990
Various                  From Across This Gray Land No.CD  Projekt      1992
Various                  From Hypnotic...              CD  Hyperium     1992
Various                  From Torture To Conscience    LP  NER
Various                  Funky Alternatives            LP  Concrete     1987
Various                  Funky Alternatives - Vol. 1 & CD  Line         1988
Various                  Funky Alternatives Vol. 3     LP  Concrete     1989
Various                  Funky Alternatives Vol. 4     CD  Concrete     1989
Various                  Funky Alternatives Vol. 5     CD  Concrete     1990
Various                  Funky Alternatives Vol. 6     CD  Concrete     1991
Various                  Funky Alternatives Vol. 7     CD  Concrete     1993
Various                  Future Tense                  LP  Third Mind   1986
Various                  Gargula Mecanica              CD  Messerschmitt1992
Various                  Ghafran                       CD  T.E.Q. Music 1993
Various                  Hamburg Strikes Back          CD  Hypnobeat    1992
Various                  Heavenly Voices               CD  Hyperium     1993
Various                  Heavenly Voices III           CD  Hyperium     1995
Various                  Heavenly Voices Part Four     CD  Hyperium     1996
Various                  Heavy Duty Breaks             LP  Illuminated  1984
Various                  Here We Go                    LP  Sterile      1985
Various                  Hurdy Gurdy Man               CD  Nettwerk     1992
Various                  Hyena Is Tot                  CD  Anything But 1988
Various                  Hymne an Die Poesie           CD  Weisser Herbs1995
Various                  Hyperium Promotional Sampler  CD  Hyperium     1993
Various                  Impact! (Auto-Edit)           EP  Audio Instant
Various                  Industrial F**king Strength   CD  Earache      1996
Various                  Industrial Nation             CD  Industrial Na1994
Various                  Intel-ligent Inside           CD  Off Beat     1997
Various                  Jekura - Deep the Eternal ForeCD  Apocalyptic V1995
Various                  KK Electrip                   CD  KK           1992
Various                  Latex TV Oblivion             CD  Minus Habens 1992
Various                  Le Sacre Du Printemps         CD  Gonzo Circus 1994
Various                  Life at the Top               LP  Third Mind   1984
Various                  Lonely is an Eyesore          CD  4AD          1987
Various                  Magnetic Submission           CD  T.E.Q. Music 1995
Various                  Manifestation                 CD  Anomie       1991
Various                  Manifestation Vol. II         CD  Awefull
Various                  Manifestation Vol. III        CD  Awefull
Various                  Manifestation Vol. IV         CD  Awefull      1992
Various                  Manifestation Vol. V          CD  Awefull      1993
Various                  Mixed Up: The World DominationCD  WD/Capitol   1992
Various                  Moods For Misty Evenings      LP  M.C.S.       1989
Various                  Mort Aux Vaches               CD  Staalplaat   1994
Various                  Mortar                        CD  P.D.C.D.     1992
Various                  Music From Belgium            EP  TDI/ZYX      1988
Various                  Music From the Dead Zone Vol. LP  Dead Man's Cu1986
Various                  Music From the Dead Zone Vol. LP  Dead Man's Curve
Various                  Music To Be Murdered By       CD  Bruits Blancs1991
Various                  Musick for the Sloth          C   N.T.S.       1988
Various                  Must Be Mental                CD  Paragoric    1994
Various                  Must Be Mental II             CD  Paragoric    1995
Various                  Myths 2                       EP  Sub Rosa
Various                  Nettwerk Sound Sampler        LP  Nettwerk     1987
Various                  Nettwerk Sound Sampler Vol. 3 CD  Nettwerk     1990
Various                  New Forms of Entertainment VolCD  Vuz          1995
Various                  Nightlands                    LP  Final Image  1987
Various                  Objekt 4                      CD  Ladd-Frith   1990
Various                  Objekt 5                      CD  Ladd-Frith   1992
Various                  Of These Reminders            CD  Projekt      1994
Various                  One of a Number               LP  Antler       1987
Various                  Organism 02                   CD  Dossier      1995
Various                  Palace Of Worms               CD  Palace Of Wor1996
Various                  Pay It All Back               LP  On-U Sound
Various                  Pay It All Back, Vol. III     CD  On-U Sound   1991
Various                  Perdurabo                     LP  Cathexis     1987
Various                  Project 91                    CD  Concrete     1991
Various                  Q.E.D.                        CD  N.L. Centrum 1990
Various                  Raging Sun                    LP  Rouska
Various                  Raw Milk                      CD  Ersatz/T.O.T.1988
Various                  Rivet Head Culture            CD  Re-Constricti1993
Various                  Romantic Sound Sampler III    CD  Zillo        1991
Various                  S/M Operations                C   S/M Operations
Various                  Sacred War                    CD  Gymnastic    1990
Various                  Sex Sweat Blood               LP  Beggars Banqu1982
Various                  Shrine                        CD  Cold Spring  1993
Various                  Sky Flowers & Horse Eggs      CD  Hypnagogia   1992
Various                  Somewhere In the Skeleton     CD  Antler       1990
Various                  Somewhere In the Skeleton     LP  Antler       1990
Various                  Soon                          CD               1994
Various                  Sound From Hands              CD  Minus Habens 1992
Various                  Spreading the Virus           CD  Sentrax      1992
Various                  Suck                          EP               1986
Various                  Taste This 1                  CD  Discordia    1994
Various                  Technopolis                   CD  Antler       1990
Various                  Terror: An Industrial Metal CoCD  Mental Decay 1993
Various                  The 13-year Itch              CD  4AD          1993
Various                  The Bureaucracy Of Hope       CD  Bureaucracy o1992
Various                  The Crow (Soundtrack)         CD  Atlantic     1994
Various                  The Elephant Table Album      LP  Xtract       1989
Various                  The Fight is On               LP  Laylah
Various                  The Funnel Zone               CD  Dossier      1991
Various                  The Karmanik Collection       CD  Cold Meat Ind1993
Various                  The Myths Collection Part One CD  Sub Rosa
Various                  The New Beat r/evolution      LP  Nettwerk     1989
Various                  The O-Files                   CD  Off Beat     1996
Various                  The Remix Wars Strike 1       CDEP21st Circuitr1996
Various                  The Third Mind                CD  Third Mind   1990
Various                  The Tyranny of the Beat       CD  Mute/Elektra 1991
Various                  Theme: Desire                 CD  Beautiful    1997
Various                  Think I'm Getting the Hang Of CD  4AD          1995
Various                  This is Electronic Body Music CD  SPV          1988
Various                  Thurtene                      CD  Dewdrops     1993
Various                  To Hypersonic                 CD  Hyperium     1992
Various                  Total Vol. 2                  CD  Total        1993
Various                  Total Vol. I                  CD  Staaltape/Sol1991
Various                  TotalBeatFactor               EP  BNIA         1988
Various                  Touched By the Hand of Goth VoCD  Sub Terranean1995
Various                  Touched By the Hand of Goth VoCD  Sub Terranean1996
Various                  Tres Hors 2                   CD  Prikosnovenie1995
Various                  Tubes and Wires               C   N.T.S.       1989
Various                  Twilight Earth                CD  Timebase     1994
Various                  Une Saison En Enfer           CD  Third Mind   1988
Various                  Vhutemas Archetypi            LP  Side Effects
Various                  Viva Los Angeles II           CD  Viva         1990
Various                  Water                         CD  D.O.R.       1994
Various                  Wax Trax Sampler              C   Wax Trax     1990
Various                  Wax Trax Sampler #2           C   Wax Trax     1991
Various                  We Came To Dance Vol. 7       CD  Sub Terranean1995
Various                  You Bet We've Got Something AgLP  Cathexis
Various                  Zarah Leander's Greatest Hits CD  Rouska       1987
Vasilisk                 Liberation And Ecstasy        CD  Musica Maxima1993
Vazz                     Feverpitch                    12" Cathexis
Vazz                     Your Lungs and Your Tongues   EP  Cathexis     1986
Vein Cage                Feral Din                     CD  Axis/Cargo   1992
Vidna Obmana             Shadowing In Sorrow           CD  Decade Collec1992
Voice of Eye             Mariner Sonique               CD  Cyclotron    1992
Voice of Eye             Transmigration                CD  Cyclotron    1995
Voice of Eye             Vespers                       CD  Cyclotron    1994
Vomito Negro             Dare                          CD  KK           1988
Vomito Negro             Dare                          EP  KK           1988
Vomito Negro             Human The Cross On Nature's BaLP  KK           1990
Vomito Negro             Shock                         CD  KK           1989
Vomito Negro             The New Drug                  CD  Antler       1991
Von Hausswolff, CM       Life and Death of Pboc        LP  Radium       1986
W.M.T.I.D                Transfascist                  12" Rouska
Wake, The                Masked                        CD  Cleopatra    1993
Wake, The                Nine Ways                     CD  Cleopatra    1996
Watermann, John          Babel #1                      CD  Stille Andach1993
Watermann, John          Dummyhead                     CD  Nightshift   1990
Weathermen               Punishment Park               12" Play It Again1988
What? Noise              Fat                           CD  One Little In1990
What? Noise              Vein                          12" Cut Deep     1989
White Stains             Misantropotantra              CD  Staalplaat   1992
White Zombie             Nightcrawlers: The KMFDM RemixCD  Geffen       1992
Will                     Pearl of Great Price          CD  Third Mind   1991
Will                     Word Flesh Stone              CD  Third Mind   1992
Wire                     It's Beginning To And Back AgaCD  Mute/Enigma  1989
Wire                     Manscape                      CD  Mute/Enigma  1990
Wire                     The Ideal Copy                CD  Enigma/Mute  1987
WMTID                    Pale Saint                    CD  D.O.R.       1992
WMTID                    The Electric Church           CD  Concrete     1989
Wolfgang Press           Standing Up Straight          CD  4AD          1986
Wolfgang Press           The Legendary Wolfgang Press  CD  4AD          1985
Wolfgang Press           Time                          CD  4AD          1991
Wonder                   Obsession For Men             7"               1992
Workforce                Back in the Good Books        12" Rorschach Testing
Workforce                Skin Scraped Back             12" Doublevision 1985
Wumpscut                 Born Again                    CD  Beton Kopf   1997
Wumpscut                 Bunkertor 7                   CD  Beton Kopf   1995
Wumpscut                 Dried Blood                   CDEPDiscordia    1994
Wumpscut                 Gomorra                       CDEPBeton Kopf   1995
Wumpscut                 Music For A Slaughtering TribeCD  Vuz          1993
Wumpscut                 The Mesner Tracks             CD  Beton Kopf   1996
X Marks the Pedwalk      The Killing Had Begun         CD  Zoth Ommog
Xio                      Repulsion                     12" Antler       1991
Xmal Deutschland         Devils                        CD  Metronome    1989
Xmal Deutschland         Matador                       12" Phonogram    1986
Xmal Deutschland         Tocsin                        CD  4AD          1985
Xmal Deutschland         Viva                          CD  Phonogram    1987
Xorcist                  Damned Souls                  CD  21st Circuitr1991
Xorcist                  From the Hip                  C                1990
Xorcist                  Scorched Blood                CDEP21st Circuitr1996
Xorcist                  Scorched Blood                CDEP21st Circuitr1996
XXX Atomic Toejam        A Gathering of the Tribes     CDS Cold Meat Ind1993
Xymox                    Clan of Xymox                 CD  4AD          1985
Xymox                    Hidden Faces                  CD  Tess         1997
Xymox                    Medusa                        CD  4AD          1986
Xymox                    Obsession                     12" Polygram     1989
Xymox                    Stranger                      12" 4AD          1985
Xymox                    Twist Of Shadows              CD  Polygram     1989
Yeht Mae                 1000 Veins                    CD  Gymnastic    1991
Yeht Mae                 Anatomy                       CD  Zoth Ommog   1992
Yeht Mae                 Endless Enemies               C                1990
Yello                    One Second                    LP  Polygram     1987
Young Gods               Only Heaven                   CD  Interscope   1995
Young Gods, The          L'eau Rouge                   CD  Play It Again1989
Young Gods, The          L'eau Rouge                   LP  Wax Trax     1989
Young Gods, The          T.V. Sky                      CD  PIAS/Caroline1992
Young Gods, The          The Young Gods                CD  Organik      1987
Young Gods, The          The Young Gods Play Kurt WeillCD  PIAS/Caroline1991
Zazou, Hector            Sahara Blue                   CD  Crammed Discs1992
Zone Mix                 Zone Z                        12" New Zone/Zoth1989
Zoviet France            A Flock of Rotations          CD  Charrm       1995
Zoviet France            A Flock of Rotations          LP  Red Rhino    1987
Zoviet France            Assault And Mirage            CD  Charrm       1995
Zoviet France            Collusion                     CD  Soleilmoon   1992
Zoviet France            Gesture Signal Threat         CD  Charrm       1995
Zoviet France            Gris                          LP  No Man's Land1985
Zoviet France            Loh Land                      CD  Soleilmoon   1988
Zoviet France            Look Into Me                  CD  Red Rhino    1990
Zoviet France            Misfits, Loony Tunes and SqualCD  Charrm       1995
Zoviet France            Misfits, Loony Tunes, and SquaLP  Red Rhino    1986
Zoviet France            Norsch                        CD  Charrm       1990
Zoviet France            Shadow Thief of the Sun       CD  DOV/Silent   1991
Zoviet France            Shouting at the Ground        CD  Red Rhino    1988
Zoviet France            Vienna                        CD  Charrm       1991