XXX Atomic Toejam
Heavy industrial beats from P. Marklund of Memorandum and F. Thordendal of the Swedish grind band Meshuggah . "I'm A Cop", the track from the Karmanik collection, is a fast, aggressive piece with screeching vocals and guitar licks. From the CD-single, "God In A Pill" is a midtempo dance piece that would fit in nicely at an industrial dance club along with KMFDM and Skinny Puppy; "Human Be-In" is a slower piece with more of a grind feel to it, due to the heavier guitar sounds and vocals by Thorendal. Very cool. [egk]
  • A Gathering of the Tribes CDS (Cold Meat Industry 1993)
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  • Karmanik Collection CD (Cold Meat Industry 1993)
  • See Also Memorandum, Meshuggah
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